Saturday, October 22, 2005

good day

Well my girlfriend and I got up early and hit some awesome yard sales! I scored so much stuff for ME!!!!! I did get this little black dress for the girls. Nikki is going to wear it on friday and Amber wants to wear it to homecoming. I guess I will get my one dollar out of the dress!

Our friend Ray and his family are coming over in the morning. Then we are all heading over to another friend house to help put a roof on. I have never put a roof on a house so I think I am going to hang out with the children.

Today we ran into some people that we have not seen in a very long time and they could not believe how old Rusty looked. They knew nothing of the heart attacks or anything. So........ what can I say he looks old.

This will be the last weekend that we get to spend with Tony. Tony leaves on Monday and I am going to miss him. it is so true that you can count your true friends on one hand. Tony is one of those friends. I hate to see him go, but I am so glad that we had the time to spend together.

Well rusty went and bought shrimp for dinner, so I think that I am going to go eat.

I am so thankful for old friends.

Old friends are like old jeans they never wear out!

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