Sunday, October 30, 2005

Not much time

Well, I only have a little bit of time before I head off to work. I have had a great weekend and will tell everyone about it after I come home from work.

I would like to say Thanks to all the new people who are reading my journal! Please keep reading it and passing the link around.

I got a very nice e mail from a lady who was impressed that I got all of our dresses for under $20! LOL I am very cheap and I can smell a bargin a mile away. I love great deals.

I am off to work so I will chat with everyone later.


abatwingedangel said...

I've been reading too but not commenting much. Glad you've had a nice weekend :)
Yes, all the dresses for under $20 is very impressive!
Take care x

queeniemart said...

Hi, i am Lisa and Renee sent me over!!  I love Goodwill and get more things there than anyone would ever guess. Nothing wrong with a bargain! Take care, lisa