Tuesday, October 25, 2005

6 hours

Well I called a friend last night and asked him if this "chick" was a speeder. He laughed and asked why, so I told him. He said that he has never seen her use, but that that he has wondered bout that for a while.

my friend told me to take some b12 because that is what they give people in the hospital. I guess it is suppose to help level you out. So I took some and I got 6 hours of sleep! I have never been so happy.

I am still wiped out. I feel so bad, I smell, my joints hurt, and I want to get some more sleep! So I am going to take some more b12 in a little while. I really need to get my body back on trac.

This sucks and I dont know how people can do speed.

Well, when life gets you down you should laugh. So on a "good" note I got the house CLEANED! I even cleaned out my closet. Can you believe that I found clothes that I forgot that I had? Man the closet looks so bare, but I really needed to clean it out anyway.

Yesterday Rusty took Rascle ( our dog) to the beauty shop. So she got a bath, got her nails cut, her teeth brushed, and she even got her ears cleaned out! I tokd Rusty to buy her a new pink collar. So Rascle came home smelling and looking so good. LOL we really do spoil our pets.

Well I am going to go sit on the sofa and maybe I will get some rest. I do not the energy that I had yesterday.

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