Tuesday, October 11, 2005

things that need to be done

I was talking with Rusty last night and I told him that I am getting sick of waiting on other people. We have been waiting to borrow a tiller for almost 4 months now! So now I am on the hunt for a cheap on. I would rather buy one then, keep waiting on someone else!

I really want to get our back yard done. Our back yard is so bad that our dog wont even go back there!

I asked amber why she did not go tutoring yesterday and she said that they did not have it. So we got some problems off her math disc. It is no wonder that she is failing math, she does not know the basics! Amber is in algebra but she could not tell me what the ( ) meant. So it looks like we are going to have to go talk to her math teacher. I told Rusty last night that I understand that Amber is not good at math and she does not even want ot go to college, so why is she in Algebra? We are going to try to get her into a consumer math class where they teach her how to balance a check book, and figure intrest. Where they will teach her real life math. I just dont know anymore, it seems that we have tried everything.

I was asked how I get my children to clean. That is a good question. When they were little I would sprinkel carpet fresh on the carpet and ask them to run the sweeper over it, so now they know how to do it with out the carpet fresh. I have learned a few other tricks. I dont give them a lot to do all at once. heres an example. Yesterday I asked Amber to run the sweeper, Nikki to get all of the towels and dirty clothes out of the bathroom, and Ryan had to take out the trash. Boom three things done, but only one thing per child. I hope that helps! LOL :0)

Well I better get dressed and get busy. after all there is still more cleaning that needs to be done!

I am thankful for the time I have with my children, even if they drive me up a wall!

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sarajanesmiles said...

I was always terrible at Maths in school.  The consumer maths class is a good idea, I wish they did things like that over here, lol!!  I hope that works out well for your daughter.  I will have to try your carpet fresh idea on my hubby, lol ;o)
Sara   x