Tuesday, October 11, 2005

cant sleep!

Well everyone is in bed but me. For some reason I can't sleep. So hear I sit with some hot Chai tea.

I went to home depot today and I actually found a sink that I wanted for the bathroom, but after waiting for 45 for someone to help me I just left.

I hit this one awesome thrift store and I got Amber some new jeans and I got a new top. I also scored 2 new pyrex mugs.

Then I went to Lowes and found yet another sink. This time the people were so nice. I got the sink and all of the hardware for $170 dollars! Three cheers go up there. Then I also found the lighting that I wanted, and to top it off they were on sale! I do need to go find the globes for the light, but I can get those any place.

Well I am off to have a smoke and to enjoy my tea.

I am so thankful that I waited for what I wanted and not only did I find it, but I found it on sale!

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rtgilmore34 said...

I am addicted to Chai tea too.  It seems to be all the rage now.  You can buy it in the coffee vending machines on campus at my college.  I love it iced.