Friday, October 14, 2005

rusty does not get it!

O.K. it is friday and that is my running around day. So I got up and did a few things and then took off. I had to buy a birthday peresent for Nikki to take to a party, Ryan needed new shoes, and I needed to pick up some more material. No big deal.

Then on my way home I saw a sign for a yard sale, well I cannot pass up a yard sale! So I stopped. I called Rusty and told him that I scored a bed for the cats. Well Rusty wants to know what cat is going to sleep in the bed since they all sleep with us. So I am driving down the road with this "bed" hanging out both of the back windows of the car. When I get home, Rusty informs me that it is not  cat bed, but a bird cage as tall as me! :0) I thought it would be the perfect bed for the cats! Anyway I am going go grind the rust off and fix it up, and let the cats sleep in it!

Tonight I am going to volunteer for a group called soar. It is for children from 18-21 who have some type of learning problem. Tonight is the fall get together. I think that this will be fun! I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to volunteer in the community, so now I am going to get my chance, to give back.

Well I am off to get some cleaning done, and then get ready to go.

I am thankful I can think outside the box and turn a bird cage into a cat bed!


rtgilmore34 said...

I guess Rusty really doesn't get it.  A birdcage would have metal bars all the way around it and a cat bed would be soft and pillowy.  What part of that doesn't he get?  LOL.  Whatever, put some carpet in/on it and your cats will love it.

sarajanesmiles said...

Lol, do we get to see a pic of the bird cage/cat bed?!!
Hope you enjoy your volunteering :o)
Sara   x