Monday, October 31, 2005

my weekend

Well I had a great weekend! lets see on Saturday I tried really hard to clean the gouse, but I swear everytime I got one room done someone was right behind me messing it up. Then Rusty asked me to go over to a friend house and see if we could borrow thier tiller. O.k. I can do that.

Then Elle walked in, so I asked her to ride a long with me. On the way to borrow the tiller we saw that a church was having a rummage sale and everything was free!!! Now I can afford that! So we both went in there and just cleaned up on clothing and some other odds and ends. people must think that I have money because I am alway wearing different clothes, but the truth is I just find clothes so cheap that I dont really have to wear the same thing twice! LOL

Well we did not get the tiller, but we did stop at walmart and I bought myself a new sewing machine. Man it is nice to have a machine that does not bounce off the table when you try to sew on it!

I got to spend the day with Elle and that made me so happy, Elle leaves in four days and she will heading back to Alaska. What a bummer.

I met Elle Thanksgiving day of 2002. Elle was fresh out of boot camp and school. Elle was so.... not like me! LOL We hit it off and over the years we have become great friends. I still remember we she told me that she would be turning 19 in Iraq. Then the following year she told me that she would be turning 20 in Iraq. I am glad that she was here to 21! We have spent countless hours talking, laughing, and sometimes even crying. I am really going to miss my friend.

Our friend Jason and his girlfriend Jasinda came up to say good bye to Elle. Jason and Rusty have been friends  I think forever. I could not have asked for a better man to have Rusty'd back in combat. So while jason lived with us I got to know him very well. Then when he came home and brought Jasinda I was blown away. She was everything that he was looking for. They are great together. They will be married in November and Rusty and I are thinking about going to the wedding. It was so nice to just sit and talk with friend. And friend that dont care that the house was trashed and that I had not gotten around to cleaning off the table!

This morning when I got up Kevin was at our house. It is always good to see friends. We chated for a little bit and then I asked him what was up with Amanda. ( This chick he brought over) I told him flat out that I do not like her. He told me flat out that he did not like her either because she showed her ass end while she was here. Well that she did. Then we said our good byes to Elle and we went back into the house. kevin and I were jst talking when he said that everyone we meet leaves a mark on us.... good or bad.

How true that it is. Elle has tought me to chill and to laugh, Jason has tought me to live every moment and to chase your dreams with a big net, and Kevin has tought me that sometimes it is o.k. to just be and to do nothing.  They have also tought me that our home is a safe haven where everyone is welcome and loved.

Elle is going to try to come up on monday. That will be the last time I will see her before she goes back to Alaska. I am going to go get her a bunch of snacks and drinks for to take on the drive. Rusty and Kevin think that I am being a "mom", but hey one of my children is leaving and I want her to have everything that she will need.

I must say that life is good.

One last thing before I get some sleep. I was reading an old chalk board that now hangs in Ambers room. Some how this saying has lasted. A friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. and... A friend NEVER askes what they can do, they just do something.

I am off to get some sleep. I so thankful for the friend that come and go. Everyine of them takes a pice of my heart when they leave.

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