Friday, October 7, 2005

what I need to do

Well, I am up but not moving. I have so much to do before everyone shows up.

Lets see, I need to clean the house only to have a lot of people trash it. That is o.k. with me, because I love having friends over!

I need to put away laundry, but all of my drawers and even the closet are packed. So I am guessing that I need to get rid of some stuff, but that will have to wait for another day.

I am going to get a fire pit that I found on craigs list. I always borrow someone elses, but this fire pit is new and he is selling it cheap so I am going to get off my cheap ass and buy one of our own.

Rusty did e mail his brother yesterday. I asked him if he was going to warn his brother about the heart attack. Since his dad died at 57 and Rusty had his at 37, and the doctors said that we should tell his brother..... Well Rusty said no he is not going to say anything to him, because his brother never listens to him anyway. I am not touching this with a ten foot pole!

When I asked about the Christmas card exchange, I just want to mail a card to people who not on my list. Not that my list is long or anything. I just thought it would be something different to do.

Well I guess the house is not getting cleaned with me sitting here, so I better get busy.

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sarajanesmiles said...

Hope you got all your cleaning done super quick, then enjoyed the rest of the day :o)
Sara   x