Monday, October 24, 2005

Awesome day!!!!!

I cant believe how great my day was!

Today we went over to help some friends finish putting a roof on. Not only did we help , but our friend ray and his family came to help! This might not sound like much, but one day we took ray's children over to ride some horses, and Ray asked what the deal was with the roof. So I told him that Rusty and Doug had started it, but then Rusty had his heart attack. So Ray volunteered to come over and help roof!

Once again I know that someone is going to think this strange, But for one man to offer to help out someone he has known for 5 minutes, and then follow through is amazing. I was just so happy to see people pulling together to help someone else out. It was even nice to see Rusty up there working. He was not allowed to carry anything, but he was allowed to nail! LOL I know Rusty must of had a blast as he tried to get back to his old self.

Doug and his wife ( the people who we helped out) have a baby girl about 3 months old. I so enjoyed just walking around holding this baby! I got to feed her and change her and put her down for a nap! I told Rusty that I wanted a baby for Christmas, he said that the store that sells them is no longer open. Then Ray wanted to know how much crack I was smoking! I really had a good time cuddling the baby, But I am also glad that I am done.

Work went really well today. I was running so late from roofing, but my boss was like dont worry about it because no one is here. It was a slow night, but we got a lot done and we have nothing left for Thursday!!!! I also did some cleaning around the office and man did it need it! The office is starting to look good. My boss John is so funny! I told him that I was going to take the cleaning rags and one of the trash cans home so that I could get them washed. John told me to keep track of how long it took me so that he could pay me for it. What ever. I do so much laundry that a few rags are not going to break me, and washing a trash can is no big deal. well it is no big deal to me.

Tony leaves in the morning and I am going to miss him so much. I think that it is great that Rusty has friends that he can just hang out with. Tony is awesome and I am going to miss him so much.

Well I want a smoke and then I need to get to bed. I am just so glad that Rusty is the one getting up with the children. Now mommy is not such a grouch because she only got a few hours of sleep!

I am so thankful that I got to see people coming together to help other people and no one expected anything in return. I guess the sense of community and family was really felt today.

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