Monday, October 10, 2005

up and moving

Work went good last night and when I got home the house was clean! There are times when I really love my family.

Right now I am helping Ryan with his school work and then we have to do some more cleaning out today! We are going to get up in rafters and start pulling all of that stuff down and going through it. We are going to the dump on Tuesday so I want to get as much out as we can.

We have been looking at some solar powered stuff. I found this really cool little solar powered charger for things like cell phones, cameras, game boys.. Anyway we are really trying to go green. If we ever build a house it will be covered in solar pannels. I know we are getting ripped off by the energy company.

Well I am off to get dressed and start my day. 

i am thankful for a nice cool day so that I can get some get some cleaning out done!

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ryanagi said...

Care to share some hints on how to get the family to clean? I could use a surprise like that! LOL