Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I need a glass of wine!!!

Now I know that Rusty is the one with the bad heart, but man after the day I have had I think I am going to be the one having a heart attack.

My day started out as a lsow day and I was going to be happy about that. I went to put together Elle's quilt and I found out that I measured wrong. No big deal, I just made Elle two quilts. Then I took a lot of scraps and made some pet quilts. This day is going good!

I was just finishing the last pet quilt when the phone rang. The caller i.d. said u.s. cell. What ever so I answered it. The lady on the other end asked for me and I said this is her. Then the lady begged me not to hang up. It was my ex husbands new wife! I about fell over. Her name is Tammy and she seemed very nice. Antway she was wondering if my ex could call the girls. ( court order says no) I told her that I would have to think about it. Then she tells me that she is calling me from her cell phone and that ex does not know that she is calling. She went on to say that he does not know that she is even calling! O.K. I took a deep breath and took the high ground on this issue. I asked how ex and his mother and father were doing. She told me. Then I said that I dont think calling is a good idea right now because he has never even sent so much as a card to them! She said excuse me? so I repeated myself. Tammy said that she did not know that. I told her that by writing the girls will have his address and then they can write back if they choose to. Then if things go good we can arrange a call through the courts. Tammy asked how much that would cost, and I told her around $50 bucks. She said that they will be writing for a while.

Then I asked Rusty what I should get my parents for Christmas. He had no idea so I called to my parents house. My dad answered the phone and I asked him what mom wanted for Christmas. He said hold and yelled to someone to take a break and that he would would be right with them. O.k. now he is back to me. Dad says to me, your mother has two closets full of clothes and more shit then she knows what to do with. Well that was not the answer I was expecting. So I asked if she had mentioned anything. My dad says I would not know because I do not talk to her. Then my dad asked if I would like yto talk to my sister. well no I would not but she was on the phone before I could hang up. So I asked her what mom wanted for Christmas. She says well are you coming home this year? I said this is my home and no we are traveling across the country to sleep on the floor! Then she wants to know if I would like to go in half on a digital camera with her. I told her no. Then she starts gripping about why not. I just hung up.

I am so glad that all of the people I have talked to today live on the other coast. Family is so over rated!

On a good note, Rusty is cooking my favorite sausage for dinner! It smells so good.!!!!

Right now I am SOOOOOO thankful thankful that no one in my family can just drop by for a visit.


rtgilmore34 said...

I am so proud of you, Kelli, for keeping your cool.  Who is this airhead Tammy anyway?  Tell her that Dan is dead to all of you.  What a pussy, using his "wife" as a decoy to call you.  He is scared of you!  Those girls have a dad now.  They never had one before.  F*ck him!

sarajanesmiles said...

What a day!!
I think you did the right thing with your ex's new wife, what a shock that must have been though, her calling out of the blue like that!  Good idea, getting him to write for a while before calling, that will give you some time to see whether he is serious about this or not, and your girls will have a chance to get to know him a little before things go any further.  And as for family, hmph!  Mine all lives pretty close, but I still rarely see them, and no one ever just drops by, thank goodness!!  Families are the best, when everything is good - I imagine! - but crap when it's not.
Sara   x