Thursday, October 27, 2005


Well yesterday I got a phone call that I did not expect. All I can really say is that a friend needs someone to lean on. I am so there for her, after all I have really big shoulders. The hard part is...... There is nothing I can do for her except just be there.

I do need to think about talking to my boss, but man! I am going to mention it to him, but he askes me not to come back then that is fine. I don't need to work with people that are strung out anyway!

I do feel so much better today. I have to do some running around today before I go to work and I should be cleaning up the house, but here I sit! LOL I have a feeling that the cleaning will be waiting for me.

I ordered a new puzzle and I am trying to work on it, but the cats like to sleep on it and then they mess up al the pieces. Sometimes I just cant catch a break!

There is not to much else going on, so I am going to go. I will talk to everyone in the morning, or if I loose my job maybe a little sooner!


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