Thursday, October 13, 2005

so much to do

Well I do have a lot that I should be doing before I head off to work. I need to cook dinner fold yet more laundry, get ready to go to work, and the list goes on. Yet here I sit not wanting to do any of it.

I went to some thrift stores yesterday and scored some cool stuff. I got one new piece of Pyrex, some globes for the bathroom fixtures, and this really cool bathroom set. I just might be able to keep it all under $1,000 if I keep finding good deals!

So I was in one of the thrift stores and I saw a rocking chair that looks like one that I have. I should mention that this rocking chair is for children. Anyway they wanted $175 for it! So I called Rusty and told him about it. He said that he would never again laugh at me for pulling stuff from the trash!

Well I need to do all of the house work and I need to put Ambers quilt together so I better get going.

I am thankful for thrift stores!!!!! I love them!

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