Friday, October 21, 2005

doing laundry

Well my dad is going to be slow, and I am happy about that! I have started doing laundry, which never ends around here! other then that, I manot sure what I am going to do. I do not even know if I want to get dressed. :0)

I am still not sure what to think about the ex's wife call, so I am just going to have to sit back and see if he writes.

We are STILL having to flush Rustys ears on top of coning, but yesterday we actually got dried blood out of his ear! It was so gross, but I am happy that the stuff is coming out. I still cant believe how much crap is in the ear.

I dont think I want to do school work today. Ryan did pass his spelling test yesterday, so I think I am going to give him the day off! That is one joy of home schooling! Did anyone see Dr. Phil the other day where he actually said homeschooling is awesome for children? I was so shocked! I thought that he would be against it, but I guess you cant hide the truth.

Rusty is off and running. He has so much to get done today. One of the things on his list to do is to get a new screen door. I think we are the only family that has to get a new screen door every year.

Well that cats have been in rare form this week. It seems that they oldest cat has tought the youngest cat about hunting. Since the weather here has not been that great we have had a few lizards come in. Well they did not leave alive. The cats have been catching them, playing with them and then hiding the bodies. So now we really have to watch them and make sure that we get rid of the bodies! I have such good cats, so I guess they are earning their keep.

i am off to do????? who knows! ( more laundry!)

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