Thursday, May 31, 2007

going to court

I just called the company that my ex use to work for. I was calling to see if the insurance was still good. Well it is not. He is no longer working there.

I called the district attorney's office. They do not have any information on his new employer or if he is carrying medical insurance on the children.

So I asked if I could go back and change my support order. Amber will be 18 next year and she will loose all of her child support and insurance. Not that he pays it anyway, but with the order we can tack everything on to what he owes.

So now I need to call my lawyer and take my ex back to court. I want him to carry insurance on Amber as long as she is in school, and to pay for her college text books. I do not think that is being to unfair.

However that means that I have to take him back to court. Which means he will have to be served. Which means he could actually show up here for court.

I will need to be strong and have a lot of body guards. My ex has tried to hurt me, and has tried to kidnapped the children.

I will try to be strong and I will make it because I know that Rusty will be there to hold me up when I want to give up.

The girls will not be allowed to see their grandmother this summer. Since I do not know where my ex is and I cannot guarantee their safety, they will not be visiting my former mother in law. I will not take a chance of them not coming back or of him hurting them.

One thing I do know for sure is that all of the marines will be to pull body guard duty!

stuff I forgot to mention

O.K. I was asked to post some pictures of myself, so that people can see my hair. Maybe everyone can tell me why Rusty loves it so much!

Look at the picture of me hugging a marine. That is Kevin when he came home from Iraq. If you look at what is on his back it is one of the quilts that I made.

In the picture of me getting ready to kiss Rusty you will see a huge watermelon. Some girlfriends came over one night and we got to drinking and I ended up with a huge watermelon on the kitchen wall. Several times I have thought about painting over it, but that watermelon makes me laugh. That was painted while Rusty was in Iraq and I just cannot let it go.

Nikki called me last night to tell me that she got to play with pigs, drive a work truck, and that old people in Oregon do not have teeth. Well..... I just need that information at 10:30 at night!

I have these three little sign's and they say faith, hope and love. Over the weekend someone knocked off the faith sign. So I was walking around looking for faith. Everyone kept asking me what I was looking for and I told them that I am looking for my faith. One of the marines said well why are you looking for your faith, Nikki has enough for all of us!

Over the weekend one of the marines had his lap top set up. Some of the guys were looking at the pictures. So when they were done I went over to take a look at them. I so wanted to barf and cry. They were looking at people that had been blown up. I had to ask the marines to close those pictures out. I know that Rusty would not have wanted me to see that and I know that I do not want my children to see that.

Over the weekend I found out what the marine corp teaches these boys. I was shocked that they know how many different ways to make b.... Then I was given a lesson on making a few other things! What the hell? I told Rusty about this and he told me to go grab some of his marine corp books and take a look. No thank you. I thought my life was complete before I gained all of this knowledge.

Rusty went and bought a new keyboard. Dang it, I was just getting use to all of the keys sticking!

Yesterday we got a notice from the city that our grass is to high. What? we do not even has grass. We got this stuff that is green, but I would not call it grass. Besides we live in the ghetto. Yes we live a half million dollar home in the ghetto! We are the token white family, I now know what it is like to be a minority!

yesterday I asked Sam and Amber to take the kittens up to the grocery store and weighted the kittens. The kittens have to be 2 pounds before they can go back and I do not have a scale. Sam and Amber would not do it. They must get their sense of humor from Rusty.

Tomorrow is Ambers birthday. She will be 17! So we are going to go to the beach down on base. I am so hoping that there will be some hard bodies p.t. ing on the beach. We are trying to get the use of a surf board, so that all of us can try surfing. After all doesent everyone in California know hao to surf?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ryan finally cought a break

Yesterday I finally got a hold of the head of the special ed department for the school Ryan will be going to next year.

Rusty and I had sat down and made out a list of questions. To my great surprise this teacher answered all of the questions the way we were hoping he would. Not only that Ryan had been recommended for a new program that they are starting next year!

The new class is called "life skills". The high school already has this class, and now they are starting it in junior high. The children in this class do not take "normal" classes. There will be no history or science. They only focus on stuff that will actually help them. Such things as learning how to count money, how to take the bus, how to wash laundry.

I am just so happy that Ryan will finally be able to get an education that will actually make a difference in his life.

Right now I have the house to myself, however everyone will be back tomorrow! So that gives me today to regain what might be left of my sanity.

I do have a lot of little things that need to be done today, so I will just continue to do everything one thing at a time.

Jake called yesterday to tell us that Nikki was going over to her new friends house. UMM O.K.? you guys are in Oregon! Why are you calling me to tell me all of this?

Ambers boyfriend Sam got accepted into the fire academy and he has a fire station that is sponsoring him. So now all of his weekend will be spent volunteering as a fire fighter. I am so happy for Sam. The only thing that I do not like is that the fire station that is sponsoring him is the one up in the mountain, which means if the mountain goes up then he will be fighting that fire.

Rusty has some very busy weeks ahead of him. He told me last night that he will be working late for the next two weeks and today he went in early. I so wish I could help him out.

We have ants again this year. I swear they built our house ontop of an ant hill! Last night I walked into the bathroom and the counter was moving. I am decided to just walk around with a big jug of that ortho home defense. I so hate ants!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

weekends over

Well Nikki left last night for Oregon. I talked to her last night and this morning and she said that she is having a blast. I am so glad.

One of the guys asked me last night what Nikki was going to do about missing school and I just shrugged my shoulders. The teachers did give her all of the work that she will miss. I however know that  true "education" does not always come from a book. I guess what I am trying to say is that life lessons can not be tought in school.

Well my house is so trashed. I am going to take it one task at a time, and I will eventually get it cleaned up. I now know what my friend meant when she "trying to keep your house spotless is not a good use of time. Family and friend are more inportant" How true that is.

Over the weekend I told Rusty that I was going to get my hair trimmed. Rusty said " o.k., but please do not get a lot cut off, I love your hair." When I got to the beauty shop I had to stand up so that the lady could cut the back of my hair! I never realized how long it was. I only got an inch cut off.

Then last night Rusty asked me if I wanted to go out on a date with him. So we went and got some ice cream. I said " I had no idea that you liked my hair so much. First you asked me stop straightening it because you like the curls, and now you ask me to not get a lot cut off." Rusty just smiled and said " I love the way your hair falls around your face and mine while we are making love" Well, I wont be cutting my hair short, and straightening it any more.

Yesterday Amber and Sam went on a Harly run up to the national cemetary. Amber called and asked me where her grandparents grave was. She then called me back and she was crying. That was the first time Amber had been to the grave. Amber said that she gave them a kiss before she left.

Well I need to get busy and go start my day.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

happy memorial day

Well it is Memorial day weekend. I have not done to much.

I did however go up to the cemetery . I sent Rusty an e mail with thee pictures in it. Rusty just cried. He told me thank you. Rusty said that he really is not ready to go up there yet, but he is glad that I did that for him.

Then we walked over to this section of the cometary that had all of the flags waving. I thought it was an awesome sight. I am not glad that all of these people died serving their country, but to think that someone took the time to line up all of those flags is just awesome!

On the way home from the cemetery I told Kevin that my dad taught me a very important lesson. He did not teach me this lesson by any words but by his  actions. My dad always flew our flag and when needed he would tie a yellow ribbon around the top of it. My dad never talked about the service, but he would never let someone else talk bad about our service men and women. Lord help the person that ever burned a flag around him. My dad taught me that being a proud American does not happen when it is a popular thing to do. Being a proud American is a full time job.

I can guarantee you that you that we will always have a flag flying on the front of our house. I do not know how many times a year we have to buy a new flag, but I do not count the cost.

I really do not need to be reminded what Memorial day is all about. I am living it. I am going to spend this weekend entertaining the marines and a sailor. I know the cost of war and I know the sacrifice of these  men and women.

Today I was happy to see people sleeping in. I was happy to justsit around and talk. I was happy to just be able to spend some time with out friends. This is what Memorial day is all about. It is not only about honoring our fallen hero's, but also those who are still serving.

Right now I have a group of service men and women sitting around a fire. I know that they are laughing and telling war stories. I think I am the luckiest person in the world.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

the desk is done

Well I am not sure what is going on with aol. I did add captions to the photo's but they are not showing up!

Anyway I am sure you can guess which one is the before and after photo from the desk. I must say that I think the desk turned out good. This was the first time I had stripped and refinished anything. Oh I will have to add that to my list of first for the year!

We had a house fill last night. That was not to big of a surprise to me, we even had a few new people here. What pissed me off was the fact that I got up this morning and the was trashed! No one bothered to do anything, so we ants all over the kitchen. I was so not happy this morning.

I got on everyone's ass and told everyone to get up and start cleaning. I am sick of people thinking they can come here and just trash our place.

Rusty has been working a lot this week and he is getting stressed out. That is not good for his heart and the stress is taking its toll on me as well. Yesterday and today some of the guys went down and helped Rusty out. So that was a little bit of relief for him.

I am finishing up the laundry, and once all of that is done I am going to iron Rustys shirts for work. I know it is not much, but I know that he will be happy to not have to do it.

I am thinking that we are all going to head down to the lake today. I just love sitting by the water. Maybe I will even get some sun! I so hate being so pale.

Someone just came in and said that the house down the street is on fire. Well at least it was the empty house!

You know what I want? I want a girlfriend. There are some girls that come up here, but no one that I can really just hang out with. Beth and I are getting closer but for the most part I am just here doing my thing. I don't drink, so I am excluded when everyone else is drinking. I guess I am boring to them. Who knows.

Amber and Nikki are off doing their thing for the weekend. I don't expect to see either of them! I am so glad that they are starting to get a life.

Well I should be doing something. So I hope everyone has a great weekend.

 I just thought of something. Last year was the first year that Rusty and I visited his parents grave. We put flowers out and wiped off the headstone..... I am wondering if I should go do that for him this year. I know that Rusty has been working a lot and I know that last year Rusty had a hard time looking at his parents grave. Maybe I should go and just take a picture for him. Or is this something I should ask him if he would like to go? I will have to think about this.


Friday, May 25, 2007

I am almost done

I am finally done with the desk! I am so happy. I have the last coat of sealant on the top. I will be able to move the desk inside in just a few hours!

Last night Rusty and all of the children said that the desk looked good. That really shocked me. I do get a lot of compliments on my projects. My family mainly thinks I am crazy.

Amber and Sam are ditching school today so they will be here to help me do a lot of the heavy lifting. I will take some before and after pictures of our desk area. I just wish I would have gotten a before picture of the desk. Oh well

Rusty is working on getting a new contract so that the company he works for will be this other companies exclusive distributor of some gear. This all sounded real boring to me until Rusty said cha ching! Rusty is on salary, but twice a year he gets a profit sharing check. So, the more he ships from his warehouse the more money we make. I like that.

I have been wanting a porch swing for so long. So I mentioned to Rusty that Lowes has one on sale and he said that I can go buy it on payday. I have been waiting so long for those darn things to come down in price!

I need to star getting everything torn apart! I will be back later with pictures!



Thursday, May 24, 2007

jammin out

O.K. so while we were out in the desert some of the guys were talking rock climbing. Not on a wall but out on the big rocks. I told them that I would be back out there in June and asked them if they would take me rock climbing. The guys said they would. Rusty looked at me and said "no".

So a little while later I asked him again. Once again his answer was no. I finally said " Why is it o.k. for you to go and do dangerous things?" He said that was what the marine corp paid him to do. Well that is a double standard! I will keep working on this subject after all I do have a few weeks.

I think I am going to blow the speakers on the computer because I am sitting here jamming out to my play list. Oh well.

Amber has not gotten any calls on the water slide. That is o.k. we are going to keep passing out flyers. Maybe once we get closer to summer people will be more interested. I just can't believe how hard it is for these kids to raise money. Does anyone have any other ideas for her?

Last night one of our friends called to talk Rusty. It seems that he will be getting promoted on June 1, and he asked Rusty to pin on his new rank. Rusty was honored that one of his "boys" would think to ask him.

I am going to go to the store and get Amber her photo albums. Then I am going to come home and get busy on the desk that I have been trying to finish for a year. I only have one drawer left to sand and then I need to seal it. Next week our friend Kevin will be here so he will be able to help me move the desk into the house, and get everything set up.

Well nothing is getting done while I am sitting here. So I better go get my ass in gear, and yes I am dressed.

why bother


So today was much of the same. Get up, go pee, grab a cup of coffee, let the dogs out and feed all of the cats. Then I check all of my e mails, clean up around the house, and do whatever for the rest of the day.

Today I attempted to make that damn dog bed. The directions were still in Greek, and by the time I got done with with it, it did not look like the picture and I had pieces left over. I threw the whole damn thing away.

The kittens were very playful today so I took them outside while I pulled some weeds in the flower bed.

I did sew a few more pet quilts. I did not make dinner, I just told everyone to eat left overs.

Ryan had math home work tonight. 90% of it was wrong. I just left it. I am sick of beating my head against brick wall. The teachers are paid to teach him, not me.

Amber asked me if I picked her up some photo albums that she had asked for. I told her no.

Amber then said " why do you even bother to get dressed when you do not leave the house for weeks on end?" Good question. Why bother?

I am in such a rut. I do the same shit everyday. I have no adult conversation during the day. By the time Rusty gets home he is so tired that eats something, plays a computer game and then goes to bed.

Tonight I had to wonder what could we talk about? Rusty does not want to hear about my day. He does not care that I cleaned the bathroom and took the kittens out to play. Why bother?

I know, I know. I am so very lucky to be married to a man that does not care what I do. I know that I am blessed to not have to work. I know, I know I know.

I guess I am just wondering when my life will stop revolving around my children. I so want to start living my life. I have been a mom since I was 19 and I am ready to go find a life that does not revolve around my children. Yes I am being greedy. But that is what I want.

Oh well the Tylenol p.m. is starting to kick in. and Lord knows that tomorrow I will get up and be mom all over again.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

shame on the chamber of commerce

I found out last night that the chamber of commerce is NOT going to pay the youth group for the fund raiser that they did for them. What? That means Nikki is out almost $200!

The chamber of commerce had these phone books printed up and Nikki's youth group passed them out as a fund raiser. Simple right? Well it turns out that the Chamber has more more phone books that they want passed out before they will pay them on ANY of the work. The thing is the phone books have not been printed yet!

So why can't they pay us on the ones that were passed out? Good question. I do know that there are a lot of mad moms out there, so the chamber of commerce better be prepared to handle us!

I am not going to stress over the money issue. Nikki has just started talking to more people and the money is coming in. Screw the chamber of commerce!

Anyway, today I need to get some things done around here. Nothing to major, so I am going to get that stuff done and then try to work on some sewing.

The other day I sat down to sew that dog bed and man the directions suck! I know I was reading the English side of the instructions, but I swear you could have been speaking Greek to me. I have been looking at the picture and I think I have figured it out. keep word there is THINK! LOL

Last night Amber had to write a poem for her English class. So she wrote the poem about me. Amber used words like strong, inspirational, funny, a rock to lean on. I was so shock that she thought of me that way. I was very impressed.

Well, it looks like it is going to be a nice day outside, so I am going to go enjoy it!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


    The other day my girlfriend and I were sitting in traffic. Next to us was a van that rented those jolly jumpers and water slides. I said why would people rent a water slide when you can buy one for $300 and use it whenever you wanted to?

That got my mind going. Rusty and I talked about it. We can buy pre printed leases and liability releases. HMMM. Maybe Amber would want to do this to raise money for her trip?

So we pitched the idea to Amber. Amber is ever the pessimist, but we answered all of her questions. Amber finally said, "mom $300 is a lot of money for me to lose if no one rents my water slide". So we told her that if no one rents her slide that we would buy it from her.

Last night Amber go a lesson on business and how it cost money to make money. Then Amber got interested and she started calling the local rental places and found out that they were charging $250 for a four hour rental. Amber says well then I will charge $200.

So tonight after Amber gets home we are going to go to the bank and get the money and go buy a water slide. I told Amber that I would make up some flyers, so we will be passing out a ton of flyers over the next few days.

Amber pitched this idea to one of our friends and she said "the fruit of a tree is out on the limbs, so you need to go there". What great advice. Then Amber said "just think after I make the money I need to for the trip everything else goes me!"

So we are going out on a limb and I so know that a taste of success will be good for Amber.

Today I am going to make up some flyers for Amber and go get them copied. I need to go buy all the forms, and then Amber will be on her way to starting a great little business.

Nikki is getting excited because she is getting ready to start her summer of running. Next Monday Nikki and Jake leave for Oregon for two weeks. Then Nikki comes back for two weeks, and leaves for Nicaragua for two weeks. Once back from there she will have two weeks off then all of the children will be going to my moms for two weeks. Once back from there Nikki will be going to summer camp and then school will start. I am warn out just writing about her summer!

It is final, next year Nikki will be going to Africa. So I need to get with the cdc and find out what shots she will need and how soon we can start getting them. The trip to Africa will be close to $4,000! We are going to start fund raising very soon.

Well nothing is getting done while I am just sitting here, so I better get busy.




Monday, May 21, 2007

here are some picture.

I finally got them loaded! Man we had a blast this weekend!

this weekend was awesome


Well, I am back from a totally awesome weekend!

I kept hearing that 29 palms was a hell hole, but I so loved it! I could live in the desert.

Big and Rich gave a great concert. During the song the 8th of November a color guard came out carrying the colors. I have never heard the marines cheer so loud. It was so nice that Big and Rich thought to do that.

Big and Rich said that when they saw that they would be playing for the troops that they wanted to give us a concert that we would never forget. That they did.

The base commanding general put no time limit on the concert so we got to listen to some good music and party well into the night.

Once we got back to the hotel we continued to party and the cops were called. Now that is a sign of a great party!

There were two single guys who shared a room and when they woke up the next morning there was a good looking chick sleeping next to one of them. They did not know who she was or how she got there! LOL

The next morning we all went to denny's for breakfast.So there are 12 of us waiting around for a table. I am sitting between two of our friends when this other marine and his wife walked in. This marine looked like he had a stick up his ass and just gave all of us a dirty look. So I leaned over to one of the marines and said " that marine is looking at us. lets give him something to talk about". I gave that marine a kiss. Then I said the same thing to all of the male marines as I made my rounds and kissed them all! Then Beth says to me, well lets really give him something to talk about!

Well, I need to go get some stuff done around here.


Friday, May 18, 2007


Yesterday was a very productive day for me! I am so amazed at all I got done, and to think that just last week I could not get anything done.

Yesterday evening I decided to go start some work on the front yard. All along the picket fence needed to be trimmed. O.K. this should be an easy task. I called Rusty and asked him if we owned a weed eater. Rusty said that technically we do. Which translate into we have no idea where it is. Thats o.k. I have these hand clippers that I bought at the 99 cent store. OH BOY were they ever 99 cent store trimmer. They last a whole two cuts before they fell apart! I am not going to be detoured. I went and found some old scissors and I trimmed everything up with a pair of old sewing scissors!

Today my boss is coming over to pay me out and we have a little bit of work to do. I need to tie up some loose ends, and make a list for the marines that will "watching" the children. Then I am done!

Tonight some of us girls are going shopping and then we leave in the morning for the concert! I so can't wait. I need a break.

I am liking the new way that aol has set up the journals. It was so easy for me to load the video yesterday. I am computer savvy, so anything that make it easy on me is great.

I can so relate to that video. Our children think they know me so  well. They would die if they ever knew that while I was in Germany I partied in a castle, and that I had sex on a throne! I am still amazed that people live in castles and have thrones, but oh well. anyway, back to subject, our children really do not know that much about me. They have only known me for a short time. I had a life before my children and I plan on having a life after my children!

I am so far behind on my sewing, so I have started just sewing one piece a day. I do not know how I have gotten so far behind, but I did. That's o.k. so far no one is bitching about not being able to use the dining room table.

Well, I need to get busy, so that I can enjoy this weekend!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

june gloom

Clay Walker - Before She Was Mama

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Well we will see if this video thing works. Sorry if it did not.

Anyway, June gloom has arrived early for us. It is cold, and over cast here, but by the afternoon we are up in the 90's. What is that about?

Today I am going to try to finish some of the little things that have just been hanging around and waiting for me to get them done. I want to have all of this stuff sorted out before I take off for the weekend.

Rusty told me yesterday that he has to be back in 29 palms for a tent sale on the weekend of my birthday. So we are going to make the best out of it. This weekend we are going to grab a bunch of flyers and whatever we can find and see what there is to do in 29 palms. We are going to turn this into a little retreat!

I so need to get outside and get some yard work done, however I am going to put that off until Monday when I can spend the whole day out there and get it all done in one day. OH! My pumpkins have come up, and the sun flowers are about 6 inches tall. The strawberries have flowers and so do the tomatoes! I am so happy! I am really hoping to get at least three pumpkins.

My life is so boring right now. Do you guys really want to hear about my pumpkins?

Another subject. Amber did not get the job at target. She said "screw the French, if it was not for us they would be speaking German!" That my girl always looking for the positive. Amber did go and apply at k.b. toys and at the levi's store. I know she will find a better job then flipping pizza.

My husband has been laughing at me for the past few days because the kittens follow me around like I am their mom. Every night I put them to bed in a crate that is next to our bed. They will not make a sound until they hear my voice. Once they hear my voice they are up. I call them just like I would call dog and they come. Is this normal? All of my cats are like this. Maybe they do not know they are cats, maybe I am just crazy.

As for where I got my coffee graphic. Well I got it from photobucket. I just typed in the word coffee and start searching the pictures.

Last night hubby and I had to run to wal mart to get the children some new tooth brushes. He asked me if they could just use their fingers. I told him no. So we go to wal mart, which we both hate, and we grabbed a few extra things. We are walking to lawn and garden so that we can check out. here was that conversation

Me: grab one of those

Rusty: what?

Me: one of those

Rusty: a kiddie pool?

Me: yes!

Rusty: why do we need a kiddie pool?

Me: so we can fill it with jello and have sex in it.

Rusty just keeps walking.

Why does he not understand me and why does he not see humor in the things I want to do!

Well nothing is getting done by me sitting here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

much to do


It is way to early in the morning for me to try to figure out the aol stuff on the journal.

Anyway, there can be no slacking today. I have to go back to wal crap, do some work, pick Nikki up from school, and get this house cleaned up a little.

Yesterday I bought a new light fixture for the kitchen. I told Rusty that I would install it, and he said no. Rusty is funny about me doing certain things around the house. I love learning how to do stuff, he thinks that I should not have to do certain things.

I think I am going to try to install it. I love the feeling of success. I love knowing that there are things I can do even if I don't have to. Then I can it to my list of new things I have done this year. LOL

Last night I finally got back in touch with a guy that use to work for Rusty. We have been friends forever, but the last time he went to Iraq we lost touch. So I called him yesterday and left him a voice mail letting him know that we were going to be at 29 palm. ( this guy is stationed there) Well he is on leave so we won't be able to get together.

Part of being in the military is having friends scattered across the country. I do miss all of them when they leave, but it so nice to be able to pick up the phone and just call them and pick up right where we left off at.

Tonight Rusty has this change of command ceremony for the vfw. He is going to be post commander. The last time Rusty was post commander some of the people were very rude to me. That was also the year that Rusty had his heart attack.

Rusty said that it would mean a lot to him if I went. I do not want to go. I do not like dealing with the politics, and I think that Rusty has bitten off more then he can chew. I will however go and stand by him. That is just what you do when you love someone.

With all of that said, I need to jump into a shower and start my day! I am one day closer to going to the concert!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Do you guys want to know what I have done today? I have done nothing. Well I have done a few things, but I just cannot get my but into gear and I do not want to do anything!

Here is a list of things I have done today.

1. fed the animals

2. dropped something off at Nikki's school

3. bought some fabric

4. stole some more plants

5. went to wal mart.

6. did my laundry. the only reason I did that is because I am out of thongs!

Things I have not done.

1. put away last nights dishes

2. finished the laundry. maybe if I leave it long enough the children will just pick through it?

3. worked on my dog bed

4. pulled the parking ticket of the car... it has been there for three days so why do it now.

5. I have not cooked dinner for my family.

6. I have not emptied the cooler that once had ice in it. oh well the dogs think it is a new water bowl.

I am such a slacker. I even called Rusty and asked him motivate me. all he said was "well if you do not want to do anything, then don't do anything"

So I have done nothing. oh I just got a taste for some mac and cheese and a milk shake. I will make that since I want it.

Monday, May 14, 2007

something to look foward to

Lets see... dinner is in the crock pot, the kittens are down for a nap, and I have coffee. It is going to be a great day!

I had such a busy weekend but it was good.

For mothers day I got roses, balloons and chocolate. I even got phone calls from marines that are all over the country!

I did work a lot this weekend, but I am starting to catch up on it. I am glad that I have the work. Nikki needs a new dress for the 8th grade dinner dance, and then she needs money for the 8th grade trip to disney. We are not broke, but I sometimes feel like I do not do enough to contribute to the house hold budget. Rusty says that I need to get over it.

So I took Nikki shopping for a dress, and she got the first one that she tried on. She looks so great in the dress and it fit her perfect!

Over the weekend my boss offered to let the girls work for him. They each made $100 and they were happy. That had to be the easiest $100 they will ever make.

Well I am finally a head of my boss on the paper work, so I will taking tomorrow off. I do have a few things to do around here, but I think I am going to go work in the yard.

I so looking forward to this weekend. Friday night four of us girls are going to go shopping for some new clothes. We think we all need a new outfit since we are going to a concert on Saturday. Thats right, I am running away with a bunch of adults. We are all heading out to 29 palm because Big and Rich and Cowboy troy are giving a concert on base! So we are going to go out there Saturday and then spend the night and come home on Monday!

The above pictures were taken over the weekend. The animal shelter asked me to get some pictures of the Marines with kittens because they wanted to use them for posters. Can you believe that these are big bad marines? LOL


Friday, May 11, 2007

quick note


My boss called me yesterday to ask me to do some work for him. Some work? I am slammed! But I am going to make the most out of it.

One of the kittens died yesterday. I am so sad about that.

I need to get some work done. I am not going to work to hard.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A good visit

Yesterday I went to visit a friend that I have not seen in while. We were sitting on her front porch drinking some tea when I asked her what was up with her neighbors. She said that they had their house foreclosed on. O.K. that would explain why all of their belongings were in the front yard.

So we just sat there for a few minutes looking at all of the stuff. Then my friend says you know I stole some of their flowers. I hope they do well in our yard. Hmm so I asked her to help me steal some for my yard.

Rusty comes home and asked where I got the new flowers from. I told him that Sylvia ( my friend) and I stole them from her neighbor. Rusty just looked at me and finally said " I can't let you play with anyone can I"

I guess I should go plant those flowers before it gets to hot today.

I do not have a heck of a lot planned for today. I think I am just going to hang out around here, or maybe go to the lake for a while.

This morning I cut my hand trying to open some cat food. I must say that I sliced it good and there was blood everywhere! So I got out some bandages and then Rusty could not find any tape. We even looked for Duck tape. I guess it is time to restock on medical supplies.

I need to go check on the kittens and get them into one room. Then I will be off to start my day.

 Note to self.... no stealing flowers today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

good morning everyone.

So last night I went to the store to buy some stuff. The first thing on my list was coffee. I think Coffee is the key to me having a good day!

So far this morning I have done two loads of laundry, got the kittens up and fed, checked all my e mails, got the kitchen cleaned, and I am actually dressed before 9 a.m.!

So Amber comes home with a stack of papers that need to be filled out. They were from Ambers work. Now Amber is still working at this little pizza joint that maybe has 8 employees. In this stack of papers were one for homeland security!

I am not sure if I should laugh or be shocked. This is the first time I have ever seen these papers. Is this a sign of the times? A 16 year old who works at local pizza joint has to be reported to homeland security?

I do have to do some running around this morning. Nikki made a cake for one of her teachers, so she asked me to take it up to her school. I have to go buy some new nipples for the kittens bottles. They have managed to chew through there old ones! I swear they are worse then babies someday.

Last night I pulled out this skirt that I made last year. I really like this skirt, so I think I am going to go look and see if I still have the pattern. I just love wearing skirt in the summer. They are so cool.

My boss called me last night and asked me if I was ready to get slammed with some work. So I guess by the end of the week I will be working. I do not mind that much, the extra money will be nice.

O.K. it is time for me to go get my hair done and do my running around before it gets to hot. Can you believe that we have hit triple digits this week!

Oh yesterday I kept seeing smoke like something was on fire. Well I was right. I got up this morning to find out that L.A. is on fire. It does not surprise me, but I am glad that it is not close to us. We have been so dry for so long, and we live near a national forest, so the mountain would go up quick.

I do hope that everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

do you hear God laughing?

There is a line in a song that says "if you want to hear God laugh then tell him your plans". Well I just want everyone to know that God is sitting in this house laughing!

Last night I made my to do list for today. Then I got the kittens up and noticed that felix had gone down hill over night. Gunky eyes and nose and he was having trouble breathing. So I had to take all the way down to base so that the vet could give him some meds.

O.K. while all of that is going on I decided to be nice and call Rusty and Ross, and see if they wanted lunch. Ross said " Well I guess, But you don't have to" So I head off to sub way and get all of us lunch. I did have to call Ross and ask him if he was picky, and he said no.

I finally get all of our lunches and drinks in my hands and I am ready to walk out the door. Oh no, and ass load of marines decided to come through the door and push me out of the way. They were so rude.

I am staying focused on my mission. Take Ross some lunch. He has duty so he can't leave. I am doing a nice thing right? So I get to his work and I can't find him. Then he yells at me and I look up. He is on the third freaking floor! It is 90 degrees and I do not need an ass work out today. I told him to come and get it. He grabbed it and ran back to his post.

Now I have to drive all the way through base....Camp Pendleton is HUGE...and out the main gate. I finally get to Rusty's work and I walk in and hand him his lunch. He opens up his sandwich and says "you know I do not like all of this shit on my sandwich". I just sat there with my mouth shut.

I ate my sandwich and grabbed my phone and purse so I could leave. It was then that I noticed that Ross had text me and said " Thank you for the lunch it was great, you are to nice" I just smiled and put the phone away.

I finally got the kittens back and came home. I am wiped out, and the children want me to cook dinner. Oh that's right I am the only one who can use a stove! So I am cooking dinner.

I see an early night for me. I did ask Rusty to get off a little early tomorrow. All of the children will be gone, so I thought maybe I would make us some dinner and we could go to the lake and watch the sun go down behind the mountains. I am not planning on that happening, but I can dream right?

My positive thoughts for the day

1. the fence should be done tonight! That means that the puppies can finally go outside and play.

2. Felix will be fine. He will get a little worse before he gets better, but he will pull through.

3. I finished Dustins quilt yesterday!

Monday, May 7, 2007


So this morning I was running around trying to complete my to do list. Then the kittens woke up. So I took them out side. There we were just sitting on a blanket in the front yard soaking up some rays. It felt so nice. That was when it me. I am out of balance. I do not know how it happened but it did, and I am now ready to get back in balance.

I have made a list of things that all of the children will do when they get home from school. Why am I running around trying to bust my ass when all of my children can pitch in and help out.

Balance is good. Before I start to write my next to do list I am going to put down some me time. I don't care if that is playing with the kittens or taking a long bubble bath. I need some me time.

I went and talk to the person in charge of summer school and I was surprised by her answers to me. Nikki can take Health in summer school any time she wants. It does not have to be this year. If I wait until Nikki is 16 then I can enroll her at Bringham Young University where she can take this health class. She will get both high school and college credit for it! So it looks like next year Nikki is going to start taking health class. Why does the system not advertise this stuff? Why are so many high school students taking all of these high school classes and not getting "college" credit for them? I guess that would be way to easy.

Tomorrow I need to go back to the school and ask a few more questions, and then we need to look into getting some financial aid (because it is $250 for a class!) and then we are going to start enrolling the girls in college classes right now!

I have gotten done everything that I had wanted to get done. So I am going to go do some sewing and then I will cook dinner. I am not going to get out of balance again. Life is to short to run in circles!

OH one last thing. The girls got a card from their "grandmother" the other day saying thanks for sending the flowers and for the cards. The girls looked at each other and then handed the card tome. What the heck? Does she think that the girls did all of this on their own? Oh well, no worries on my part.


no coffee and no chi tea

 I got up yesterday and asked Jake to put on a pot of coffee. Jake said " mom I think we are out of coffee" Sure enough we are out of coffee and I have no chi tea left! How will I get through this morning?

Mothers Day is next Sunday, I guess I need to go get my mom a card. I think I am going to buy her a gift card for south west airlines. My mom says that she is going to come out in the fall, so this should help her out a little bit.

The people behind us came over last week and told us that they were going to replace the fence, and that it fence would be down for Friday and Saturday. Well it is Monday and the the post are not even in the ground! GRRR I am getting so sick of chaining Butter up.

Today I am going to take my list one thing at a time. That is all I can do. I am hoping that this week slows down!

Yesterday I found a pattern for a dog bed that I want to make, but I must finish all other task first! LOL Here is a picture of the dog bed that I want to make.

I can just see the cats sleeping on it instead of the dogs!

OH! A few weeks ago one of the Marines brought up their girlfriend and her name was MaryAnn. Well we got to talking and it turns out that her dad is retired Navy. O.K. what ever. Then the other night I was talking to MaryAnn on the phone and Rusty asked me to ask her who her dad was. Well it turns out that her dad is the one who replaced Rusty's shoulder! So we told MaryAnn that if she and Ross break up we are going to keep Her and not the Marine. LOL

O.K. enough rambling. I need to get into the shower and getmy day started. I hope everyone has a great day!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

busy,busy weekend

I would so love to be laying on a beach somewhere! This weekend has been so busy.

Chris asked me to "help" him sew this shirt that he wants. So we went and picked out the material and all of the trim and everything. Chris breaks out the instructions and starts to read them and then he said I am lost. I told him told cut the pattern out. While he was doing that I read the instructions and tossed them aside. Chris asked if we were going to follow them and I told him no. I am such a bad teacher! So next weekend the shirt should be done. I must admit that I so wanted to go grab the shirt from him and do it myself so that it would be done in an hour, but I did not. The only way to learn to sew is to do it! Nikki did get a good laugh when Chris said "mom I think I sewed this wrong". I looked at it and said " yes you did, take it apart and do it again!" Nikki hates those words.

CJ finished this box that he made for his girlfriend Beth. It looks really nice. I must admit that it was nice to see the boys doing something besides drinking and crashing! LOL

I am trying to get  the kittens off the bottle, but it is going very slow. I am just going to have to keep trying. I know that they will figure it out.

I think I am going to have to re home neffi. She is not doing good with the dogs. The poor cat is living under our bed and will only come out to eat and use her litter box. She is just so scared of the dogs. That is no way for her to live.

Rusty and I have been going in different directions for a few weeks now. So today I ironed all of his work shirts. I know that would help him out a little. For the last few Sunday, I have gone out to his truck and cleaned out his trash can and put a new bag in it. I don't think he has noticed yet, but it is just something little that I can do for him.

My list of things to do tomorrow is long, but I am going to try to get everything done. The last few weeks have been so busy for me!

Anyway, I am going to go start on cleaning up the house. That way my list will be a little shorter for tomorrow!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

I can't believe I am up

Well we had our usual group plus three new ones last night. Jake burned some meat and we all ate good.

I however had a pounding head ache, so I tried to go to bed early. I say tried because they house was full of noise and I could not get to sleep.

I had to get up at 5:30 so I could take Nikki down to her youth garage sale today. My head is still pounding this morning, but the house is quiet for now.

This morning I am all ready for the kittens to get up and they are sleeping in! That would figure.

Jake brought up a new gal yesterday and she seems really nice. The girls had fun hanging out with her. I like for the girls to hang out with women who are "going somewhere". I think it is good for them.

Anyway, Amber had her wort and her mole frozen the other day and I think they look nasty. The doctor said we may have to go back for another treatment. I really like this doctor. He did his interns up at Loma Linda Children's hospital. That hospital is a top rated hospital, and this doctor also believes in " non traditional" medicine.

The above picture was taken while we were waiting for the doctor to come in. Do you like my hippy shirt? That shirt is so comfortable.

I am having an issue with the school system. I know that comes as a shock to everyone. I called about this class that Nikki has to take in summer school. Well the class is suppose to start on June 20, and that is also the same day that Nikki gets back from Nicaragua. The school system is trying to tell me that if she misses the first day of class that she will be dropped to make room for some other student who failed the class in regular school. O.K. let me get this straight. My child has done nothing wrong, is passing all of her classes, is going into advance classes, taking a trip of a life time, and you want to bump her because some flunky can't pass the class in regular school? I do not think so. I am going to take this to the superintendent, and then the school board if I have to. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the school system?!

I think I am going to go wake the kittens up and get them fed and then go back to bed. Maybe that will help my pounding head.


Friday, May 4, 2007

still standing

See the frog hanging on? That is me. The other three frogs are my children! i am telling you I have been so busy the last few days and today is not looking any slower!

I was all ready for bed last night and I was hoping to get into bed about 8 and then maybe watch so t.v.. Oh no, Nikki asked me to alter her dress! I told her no and that it would have to wait. Then Amber said mom will you do my laundry? The answer to that was NO.

I now know why some animals eat their young.

Nikki got accepted into AVID. AVID is an advanced placement for incoming freshmen. So Nikki has to go to summer school, so that she can take an advanced class during the school year. I do not know where this child got her brains from, but I know they did not come from me! If Nikki stays on track she will finish all of her high school classes in two years and then the last two years she will be able to take college classes. Nikki will get both high school credit and college credit! GO Nikki!

Well let me leave you with some eye candy. Check out this link! Have a good Friday!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I just found this tag and I so liked it! Anyway,

I got three of the cutest kittens ever to foster. I am so glad that I am doing this. Helping animals was high on my list of things to do this year. Right now the kittens are about 2 ounces! They are so small.

CJ and I went down to help Rusty do some work today. O.K. CJ helped Rusty, I was told to stand there and look pretty. So I did.

Amber had a doctors appointment today, and I gave her insurance card and told her to go. Amber was suppose to have a mole and a wort looked at. Nothing major. Amber called me and told me that they would not see her! O.K. not I am trying to figure this out. Here in California a child can get an abortion and no one can tell the parents, but my daughter cannot have a mole looked at without me being there? How stupid is that!

Rusty and I have been like two ships passing in the night. Yesterday we met for lunch, but we had to rush through it because he had to get back to work. Last night I was so busy that I did not get home until 8 p.m. and Rusty was in bed. So I called Rusty and asked him to give me a call when he left work. I am hoping that the two of us can meet for dinner or something.

Yesterday I took Amber to apply for a job at Target. Today Amber had a job interview, so I hope it went well.

CJ went out and uncovered the desk. Then he grabbed the sander and started sanding it! I asked him what he was doing because I had told him that my goal for this week was to finish it. He just laughed and said that he also likes to restore old things and he loves working with wood. So I am going to let him have some fun! LOL

I have been gone all day and there is still a million things to do, so I better get busy before the kittens wake up and want to be fed again. Oh I guess I should mention that they are still being bottle fed about every 4 hours. Man I forgot what it is like to have babies.



Tuesday, May 1, 2007

yesterday was great

So after I got all of the planting done, I started on Dustins quilt. I can't believe that I am almost done with the top of it! I was just jammin on that quilt yesterday. Yes, I will post a picture of it when I am done!

Today it looks like we might get some rain, but I am not holding my breath. This is southern California and rain is not something I see a lot of.

Man my mom duties were stretched to the limit yesterday. Yesterday I told Amber how I felt about her prom and I told her that a cursed her to a million plus people on the Internet. She asked me what curse I put on her and then she told me that her hair did go flat! LOL A small victory for me. Amber said oh don't worry about it this was just a dress rehearsal for my senior prom next year.

Nikki said that her friend Brenna has just stopped talking to her for whatever reason. So, Nikki was upset about that. I so understand about loosing a friend.

Then Jake called me. It seems that this chick that Chris was talking to is now calling Jake! I told both of the boys that this chick is bad news and that they should run the other way. Oh I hope they listen to me.

I finished cleaning out the cabinets in our bathroom today. It feels so good to de clutter!

Today I am going to finish up some laundry, get the house swept and cleaned up, and try to finish Dustins quilt. All of this may go on hold if the sun comes out. I so want to work on that desk. Even that may be put on hold, because I am waiting for a call from the base animal shelter. They have 4 kittens that are in need of a foster mom and the kitten are only four weeks old!

If my life was not busy then I would not know what to do with myself!