Thursday, May 31, 2007

stuff I forgot to mention

O.K. I was asked to post some pictures of myself, so that people can see my hair. Maybe everyone can tell me why Rusty loves it so much!

Look at the picture of me hugging a marine. That is Kevin when he came home from Iraq. If you look at what is on his back it is one of the quilts that I made.

In the picture of me getting ready to kiss Rusty you will see a huge watermelon. Some girlfriends came over one night and we got to drinking and I ended up with a huge watermelon on the kitchen wall. Several times I have thought about painting over it, but that watermelon makes me laugh. That was painted while Rusty was in Iraq and I just cannot let it go.

Nikki called me last night to tell me that she got to play with pigs, drive a work truck, and that old people in Oregon do not have teeth. Well..... I just need that information at 10:30 at night!

I have these three little sign's and they say faith, hope and love. Over the weekend someone knocked off the faith sign. So I was walking around looking for faith. Everyone kept asking me what I was looking for and I told them that I am looking for my faith. One of the marines said well why are you looking for your faith, Nikki has enough for all of us!

Over the weekend one of the marines had his lap top set up. Some of the guys were looking at the pictures. So when they were done I went over to take a look at them. I so wanted to barf and cry. They were looking at people that had been blown up. I had to ask the marines to close those pictures out. I know that Rusty would not have wanted me to see that and I know that I do not want my children to see that.

Over the weekend I found out what the marine corp teaches these boys. I was shocked that they know how many different ways to make b.... Then I was given a lesson on making a few other things! What the hell? I told Rusty about this and he told me to go grab some of his marine corp books and take a look. No thank you. I thought my life was complete before I gained all of this knowledge.

Rusty went and bought a new keyboard. Dang it, I was just getting use to all of the keys sticking!

Yesterday we got a notice from the city that our grass is to high. What? we do not even has grass. We got this stuff that is green, but I would not call it grass. Besides we live in the ghetto. Yes we live a half million dollar home in the ghetto! We are the token white family, I now know what it is like to be a minority!

yesterday I asked Sam and Amber to take the kittens up to the grocery store and weighted the kittens. The kittens have to be 2 pounds before they can go back and I do not have a scale. Sam and Amber would not do it. They must get their sense of humor from Rusty.

Tomorrow is Ambers birthday. She will be 17! So we are going to go to the beach down on base. I am so hoping that there will be some hard bodies p.t. ing on the beach. We are trying to get the use of a surf board, so that all of us can try surfing. After all doesent everyone in California know hao to surf?


lisa41076 said...

Kelli, awesome pictures !!!!!!! Your hair looks good, Happy Early birthday to Amber tommorow, Hugs Lisa

mrsm711 said...

I like haring your stories about the Marines.  Intersting stuff.  You and Rusty habve true love.  Love those stories too.  :)

mrsm711 said...

I like haring your stories about the Marines.  Intersting stuff.  You and Rusty habve true love.  Love those stories too.  :)

gehi6 said...

Thanks a lot for posting some pics, especially of you and Rusty.  I enjoyed them! You look to me like the fun loving person that you obviously are.  A big smile. And your hair is pretty.  Two of my sisters have curly hair and I just love it.  My sister Linda just got a beautiful cut that showed off all her curls.   And my sister Ann's kind of waves into curls.  She has always had the most gorgeous hair.  I think everyone with curls should show them off.  I just gave up curls finally, it was so much work to make artificial ones, and my fine straight hair reacted badly to perms.  I had to find a straight cut that fitted me!  I guess being around soldiers is to hear something unsettling now and then when they are engaged in the business of fighting wars.   Gerry

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))You are a very pretty lady and I love your long hair,wish I can grow my hair long like that.That was cute one of the marines said Nikki has enough fait for all of you.LOL.Have a nice weekend.

seraphoflove9001 said...

I think it's all of you! You can just see it in his eyes! :o)

deshelestraci said...

I love the color of your hair!  So pretty.  My cousin lives in San Diego and she has learned how to surf.

nana0014 said...

I couldn't see the quilt the pics were moving around and only showed half the picture. I think the watermelon is cute. When I got to Nikki calling I was LMAO at the comment she played with pigs and old Oregon people with no teeth.. who'da thunk it. Then I was laughing at finding faith. I know what you mean about the knowledge my soon to be X is in the army reserves and he was all the time telling how to kill someone... maybe I should have listened better could have come in handy when I caught him fooling around on me and all the time I was being the faithful wife waiting at home. Sorry got serious. Well it's nice to know that the city does that in your town too. I'm surprised they didn't leave me a note I let the weeds grow, they're mowed now we have no rain and no grass. So you live in the ghetto to funny. I was laughing at the kittens getting weighed I could just see that one. You're a hoot.
Take care, Chrissie

nellieenglsh said...

Rusty does look like our dad.