Tuesday, May 22, 2007


    The other day my girlfriend and I were sitting in traffic. Next to us was a van that rented those jolly jumpers and water slides. I said why would people rent a water slide when you can buy one for $300 and use it whenever you wanted to?

That got my mind going. Rusty and I talked about it. We can buy pre printed leases and liability releases. HMMM. Maybe Amber would want to do this to raise money for her trip?

So we pitched the idea to Amber. Amber is ever the pessimist, but we answered all of her questions. Amber finally said, "mom $300 is a lot of money for me to lose if no one rents my water slide". So we told her that if no one rents her slide that we would buy it from her.

Last night Amber go a lesson on business and how it cost money to make money. Then Amber got interested and she started calling the local rental places and found out that they were charging $250 for a four hour rental. Amber says well then I will charge $200.

So tonight after Amber gets home we are going to go to the bank and get the money and go buy a water slide. I told Amber that I would make up some flyers, so we will be passing out a ton of flyers over the next few days.

Amber pitched this idea to one of our friends and she said "the fruit of a tree is out on the limbs, so you need to go there". What great advice. Then Amber said "just think after I make the money I need to for the trip everything else goes me!"

So we are going out on a limb and I so know that a taste of success will be good for Amber.

Today I am going to make up some flyers for Amber and go get them copied. I need to go buy all the forms, and then Amber will be on her way to starting a great little business.

Nikki is getting excited because she is getting ready to start her summer of running. Next Monday Nikki and Jake leave for Oregon for two weeks. Then Nikki comes back for two weeks, and leaves for Nicaragua for two weeks. Once back from there she will have two weeks off then all of the children will be going to my moms for two weeks. Once back from there Nikki will be going to summer camp and then school will start. I am warn out just writing about her summer!

It is final, next year Nikki will be going to Africa. So I need to get with the cdc and find out what shots she will need and how soon we can start getting them. The trip to Africa will be close to $4,000! We are going to start fund raising very soon.

Well nothing is getting done while I am just sitting here, so I better get busy.





lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
what great ideas!
I wish you much success on Amber's business venture!
Hey Nikki si going ona great adventure! will you miss her alot?
I am super behind but this came up and I wanted to say"Way to Go!"

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I wish you and your daughters all the luck to getting there dreams come true.You are a good Mom.Have a nice day.By the way,I love the graffic at the end.

plieck30 said...

Sounds like a great little business. Wishing her luck with it. Good for you with coming up with the idea. paula

deshelestraci said...

Love the graphic at the bottom!  Great idea!  Hope it works out for her.

lazarai said...

Wow, sounds like a good way to raise moolah! I would check with the county/city/town about whether you/she needs any kind of license to operate this kind of business (occupational?) I hope things work out!

:) Carol

seraphoflove9001 said...

Thats a good idea! :o) Good luck! ;o)

jules19642001 said...

sounds like a good idea, I hope it goes well for her and you raise lots and lots of money...............Jules xx

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, what a great idea !!!!!!!!!! Hope it works out well , Hugs Lisa

ukgal36 said...

you are too cool mama! What an excellant idea! hope it pans out.. i don't see why it shouldn't...

helmswondermom said...

Sounds like a good plan to raise some money.  I hope she makes a ton!

cgtperkins said...

Wow, sounds pretty tiring to me to just read it.....LOL. She will enjoy traveling like that, and the memories will be even better!!! I hope Amber does really well with her slide rental!! If I lived close I would rent it just to help her.....maybe you should put on the flier that the funds are for her trip or a fundraising  thing??? Maybe more people will rent the slide....just a thought
Best of Luck

gehi6 said...

Sounds like you are coming up to the challenge when your kids want to do something special like go to Africa!  That's quite a plan.  I will be interested to see how the water slide rental plan works out.  when Dante and I went to the park the companies would rent these a big blown up figures for the kids to play in.  They were very popular at the park. Those people must have made good money.   Gerry