Saturday, May 5, 2007

I can't believe I am up

Well we had our usual group plus three new ones last night. Jake burned some meat and we all ate good.

I however had a pounding head ache, so I tried to go to bed early. I say tried because they house was full of noise and I could not get to sleep.

I had to get up at 5:30 so I could take Nikki down to her youth garage sale today. My head is still pounding this morning, but the house is quiet for now.

This morning I am all ready for the kittens to get up and they are sleeping in! That would figure.

Jake brought up a new gal yesterday and she seems really nice. The girls had fun hanging out with her. I like for the girls to hang out with women who are "going somewhere". I think it is good for them.

Anyway, Amber had her wort and her mole frozen the other day and I think they look nasty. The doctor said we may have to go back for another treatment. I really like this doctor. He did his interns up at Loma Linda Children's hospital. That hospital is a top rated hospital, and this doctor also believes in " non traditional" medicine.

The above picture was taken while we were waiting for the doctor to come in. Do you like my hippy shirt? That shirt is so comfortable.

I am having an issue with the school system. I know that comes as a shock to everyone. I called about this class that Nikki has to take in summer school. Well the class is suppose to start on June 20, and that is also the same day that Nikki gets back from Nicaragua. The school system is trying to tell me that if she misses the first day of class that she will be dropped to make room for some other student who failed the class in regular school. O.K. let me get this straight. My child has done nothing wrong, is passing all of her classes, is going into advance classes, taking a trip of a life time, and you want to bump her because some flunky can't pass the class in regular school? I do not think so. I am going to take this to the superintendent, and then the school board if I have to. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the school system?!

I think I am going to go wake the kittens up and get them fed and then go back to bed. Maybe that will help my pounding head.



lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I love your hippy shirt, hope your headache is gone by now, wow what is the deal at Nikki's school ???????? Hugs Lisa

seraphoflove9001 said...

I do love your shirt....and the school system needs an enima! I think you;re the woman that can do it! :o)

plieck30 said...

You go gettem' girl. Paula

deshelestraci said...

I love the shirt.  Looks very cool and comfy!  Sorry about the public school problems!  You have my sympathy.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad the kids get to meet new diffrent people,specillay women.Your doing an AWSOME job as a Mom.Have a great week.

springangel235 said...

Love your hippy shirt...very nice.  Sure hope the headache goes away...and you feel better by now...many hugs and love,

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli
I hope Amber feels better.
I do not think that even teachers enjoy the school system currently.
good luck!