Thursday, November 10, 2005

the family secret

Growing up I knew that my sister could not be my dad's child. She just did not look like anyone in the family. My sister is 5'1" and about 250 pounds. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

One day I asked my mom for something and she said that it was in the bottom drawer of her dresser. So off I go to look for this one item. I could not find what I was looking for, however I did find this really pretty blue clutch purse. I had never seen this purse before so I looked inside. There was a telegram that said Congradulations on your marriage, Don Hann" I closed the purse back up and went on.

A few years later my sister is getting married. My sister askes my mom where her wedding pictures are. My mom said that their were no pictures. So I went to the attic and pulled down a picture of my mom in a wedding dress. The look on my moms face was priceless! However she gave no answer as to how come there is a picture of her in a wedding dress.

About a year later I needed my birth certific for something. So after my mom gave it to me I noticed that under my mothers surname was "hann". HMMMM? Hann? so I asked my mom about it. She said that the hospital made a mistake when they typed up the certific. Sure because the names Hann and Young are so close. (Young is my mothers surname) Another piece of info tucked away.

For some odd reason my sister and I were at our parents home. We have never been close so to have her speak to me was a shock. My sister said " I want to find my real dad, but I asked mom and dad to unseal the adoption records and they wont." ( they are still sealed to this day)

I just smiled and said I know who your dad is. I swear the look on her face was priceless. I told her that his name was Don Hann and that I tought he was in the navy because of the telegram. Then I told my sister where to find the telegram.

My sister was hot! She called every living relative on my moms side of the family but no one would talk. So she finally got a hold of someone who would tell her where Don was living last. When got the number she called it and it was Don's mother on the other end of the phone. So my sister left a message.

Don did call her back and she even went to visit him. Don is remarried and has one son. My sister however said that she could not see any of him in her.

My sister has taken it upon herself to make my dad as unhappy as he can be since he will not agree to unseal the adoption records. To this day she treats my father like ass, and plays on my mother to get everything that she wants.

I was really down and out at one point in my life and I ended up living back at home. i asked my mom to keep the girls so that I could work, but she told me no because she was done raising her children. However my mom now raises my sister's child and my sister could do this for herself, but why when she can guilt my mom into doing it for her.

I was going through a nasy child custody case and I asked my mom one time if her custody case was a nasty one. She said no because Donn is not your sisters dad! What? then who the hell is?

To this day my mom is at my sisters mercy not be guilted into anymore stuff. And she still treats my father like shit.

Now, her I am trying to find anyone who might know who my sisters "real" dad is. My mom was an only child and all of her parents are dead. ( both real and step) However my mom did have a step sister by the name of Rita Rakes. I would love to find her and ask a few questions.

I want this information because once my parents die I will be able to tourture my sister with my information. I want her to suffer the way she has made my dad suffer. If both of my parents die together then I am going to take their death certifics and go down to the court house and get those damn adoption files. Then I am going to buy my childhood home and board it up and move back to cali.

She if I have these thing then I have "everything". So I am sitting her trying to search through record to find one person! I dont want to pay for an ass load of records that are not even correct.

There is our family secret. I am going to blow it all out of the water one day! :0)


rtgilmore34 said...

Wait, are you looking for your Mom's real dad or your sister's?  Because you just said Don Hann was your sister's dad.  I'm lost.  Anyway, that's some pretty juicy info.  I'm sure it pissed her off so bad that you knew the info way before she did and that she had to hear it from you, of all people!  Are she and this Don guy getting along now?  Why do your parents favor her over you?  That's f*cked up!  Anyway, keep up the search.   Good luck!

kamdghwmw said...

Go back and read the part where I ask my mom if she had a child custody case! LOL