Monday, November 21, 2005

busy week

Well I made it through the 6 children! I must admit that the three that were not mine are really good children, they are just 5 and 4! However their dad was not to happy that they were not listening, so the marine gunny came out and put them in line! LOL

Today I am heading down to San Diego to help a friend pick up a donation of light houses. I had here get a few extra for me. For some reason I am really starting to like light houses.

So Kevin askes me the other day if I would like some help cooking Christmas dinner. I am thinking o.k. a 20 year old Marine is offering to help cook? What the heck does he want? Well it turns out that his parents are all upset because he has choosen not to go home for the holidays. So they are coming out here, and then he told them that he is still coming over here. So his mom offered to help me cook Christmas dinner if they could come over too. Well heck, the lady does not have to cook! Sure lets have company come to our house for the first time and then make then cook? LOL So I guess we will be having 3 extra for Christmas dinner. Thats cool

Well can you believe that I got my first response for one of the troops that got a christmas card from me? That is so cool! I mailed them just last week so I did not expect them to get the cards so fast.

Rusty just showed me the pictures that were taken at the ball. Let see if I can get them up here! I will try to get the one of our d-o-g- on there. She is wearing a shirt that says if you cant run with the devil dog then you better stay on the porch!

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queeniemart said...

I would take any help offered! Some people love to help out. Cant wait to see your pics!
Lisa Jo