Tuesday, November 29, 2005

bad day

 Well the picture about sums up my day!

I ended up getting very frustrated with Ryan and I told him to get out of my face before I say something mean to him. Anyone with a special needs child knows how sometimes (as a parent) you just dont understand and then you snap. Well I did that today. I was wrong, but it happened.

The I was going to run to wal mart. I got everything that I needed and then I went to make copies of pictures. After almost an hour of getting the pictures just right the lady behind the counter told me that she would not sell me the pictures. She said they had a copy right on them. I went off on her and told her that they were not and that I was the one who took the pictures and that I wanted my pictures back. She tore them up. I went to the store manager and complained. If I am going to get screwed at least they could have pinched nipples while they did it!

Then I spilled ice cream all over a dry clean vest! This of coarse is only after I had dropped off all the other dry cleaning!

I swear if it were not for smoking I would loose my temper.

On a good note, i did find a pair of boots to go with Ryans marine corps outfit.


rtgilmore34 said...

Who's Yan?

kamdghwmw said...

O.K. so I was a little bit ticked when I was witing. I changed it to Ryan