Saturday, November 5, 2005

busy day

Well today was shopping day with the girls. That was so not fun. First Nikki said that she did not have a dress to wear to the ball. What? She had 8 to choose from! I know that she wanted me to buy her a "new" one. But that was not happening. So I told her that I guess she does not go. She has changed her mind.

Then we had to buy shoes. Amber really has some big feet, so we went to about 4 different stores and we could not find anything in her size! Then she says to me well I guess I can wear the ones I wore to homecomming last year. I so wanted to strangle her. Why dident she mention this 2 hours ago!

Now Rusty is not home, and he told me that he would be home to take Amber to a make up party. So it looks like I am the one stuck doing that. I am so frustrated! I told Rusty that I did not want to be out running all day, because Nikki is not feeling good. Well so much for that!

I still need to get the house cleaned up, and cook dinner, and I have a super long day at work on Sunday. Do you think that if I leave the house dirty that little maid's will come clean it for me?

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