Wednesday, November 30, 2005

another bad day

Well, I have most of the Christmas decorations up. That has been about the only good thing that has gone on.

Rusty called me to let me know that our dear friend, James Bond,..... well his mother just died. James is taking it hard. James was so strong when Rusty had his heart attack, and now we are trying to be strong for him. Rusty and I went over to see him and to let him know that we are here pulling for him.

When we pulled up to James house I asked Ryan to be quite and to let the adult talks. Well that did not work. Ryan starts blurting out stuff. He said my mom yells at me, and my dad spanks me if I don't get my math right. I was just so embarrassed! Well yes every child gets yelled at and no Rusty does not spank him for not getting his math right.

Once Ryan and I got back in the car I told him that I will never take him anywhere again. I cant believe that Ryan would say that stuff. What if someone else would have over heard that. Rusty told me that I need to remember that Ryan has a central processing disorder, and that I need to cut him some slack. I told Rusty that there will not be a next time for Ryan to embarrass me. I just want to scream!!!!!!

I went to feed the hamsters tonight, and one of them was dead. Can today go down hill anymore?

I took a week off work and I go back tomorrow so I better get in bed.

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