Wednesday, November 9, 2005

good ball

Well today went real good! I did spoil myself. I got my hair colored and cut! Igot so much cut off that I swear I have lost ten pounds.

The marine that we went with said that he could not wait to see me all dressed up. The only thing he ever sees me in are USMC sweats and over all's! LOL So I got dressed, and thenI remembered that I had a bunch of my grandmothers glove. So I found a pair of little black gloves to wear. Then I Rusty get the black pearls out that Tony bought me. My out fit was very simple, yet so many people told me that I looked nice.

The girls at first did not have a good time but once the music started they were having a blast. Rusty and I even went out danced. I must say that I shocked the girls when I did this cha cha dance with them. When we were told to go as low as we could I went all the way down. The girls did not even make it that low! Well I guess the yoga really pays off!

Before the ball started I met the units new Chaplain.  For the life of me I cannot remember his name, but this man was very interesting to talk with. He got orders only four days ago to go from Virginia to California and then be at the ball tonight! I asked him who he liked serving with better the Marines or the Navy? He said that he liked the Marines better because the Marines treat the Chaplains with respect! That is so true.

I wil post some more pictures from the ball when I get the film developed, but for now I need to get some sleep. At some point in the morning our friend are dropping off their three children for the night, so I am going to need all the energy that I can muster! LOL


rtgilmore34 said...

Oh My God!  You and the girls looked so beautiful.  Rusty looks very handsome too.  I saved your pics to my computer.  

goodwilltramp said...

Ouch!   Hot Mamma!