Saturday, July 1, 2006

so mad

I am still mad this morning!

Out of all the marines that came up last night, one of them was a chick. She would not even speak to me! I guess I am not good enough for her since I am not a marine?

Then Rusty drank way to much last and he was up worshiping the toilet god. I hate it when he drinks because he is not suppose to drink that much with all of the meds that he is on.

I said nothing because I figure he is a big boy and can do what he wants. He knows the risk of drinking, taking his meds and having a heart attack.

Then Rusty says that we are still going on vacation! What? we cannot afford to do the bathroom....which we have damn near everything for, but we can go on vacation?

I see how I rank! I don't. Who care that Kelli has been waiting forever to re do the bathroom, lets go on vacation! I think not.

I am still pissed off!


zoepaul6968 said...

I dont blame you hun id be pissed too xxzoexx

rtgilmore34 said...

Hmmm, that bitch was in YOUR house?  You should have spit in her coffee.  Just kidding.  She is NOTHING!  I hate when Butch makes stupid decisions and doesn't consult me.  I'm the one who knows what bills we have to pay.  He thinks this is all Disneyland sometimes and I'm the one stressing out.  Speaking of bills, I'm coming down that way in the next month or so to pay $60 to the Riverside County Superior Court in Murrieta to have that bullshit expunged from my record.  I shoulda used the fax machine at Kinko's!!!!!  Hindsight is 20/20.
Love ya,

jules19642001 said...

I dont blame you for being mad :(................Jules xxx