Saturday, July 8, 2006

sewing day

Today is my sewing day. I am finally going to finish a quilt that I started all most a month ago!

Then I need to do some searching for a certain type of material. I want to make two more quilts for some marines that will be leaving in August. That will make a total of four of my quilts keeping marines warm in Iraq.

I want to know how I became mom to so many marines? You know it is bad when they even call me mom!

Our computer crashed yesterday and we lost all of our pictures! Then to top it off our digit camera is broken! This sucks.

We got one of he new beds moved. Man those beds are nice. They even have a vibrate button! The girls will be sleep like the queen's that they think are!

anyway I need to get busy on this quilt. I so want to get it done, so I can start on some more quilts. Oh should I mention that I bought some material last Christmas so that I could make myself a quilt. Hmmmm I guess it will get done before I die! LOL

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