Friday, July 7, 2006

cleaning day

So yesterday I scored some really nice beds for the girls! This old couple was giving away two twin beds that go up and down and you can make them sit up. Any were awesome so I told the couple that we would take them.

So today I had to move the girls old bed's out. That might sound easy, but it was not. First we had to strip all the bed's. Then we ended up giving Ryan on of the girls old mattresses. So we had to strip his bed down.

Then I found so much dust under the beds, so I had to run the vacuum where the beds use to be.

Now I am just waiting for the boy's down the street to get home so I can ask them to help me move the new beds. Man the new beds are heavy! But those boys are big and young, and I am going to offer them some beer, so I know they will help.

Our middle daughter is such a pack rat! I cleaned out her room today and I took out 2 huge bags of trash and 1 huge bag of stuff to give away.

I got a call last night, and the girls made it there o.k. I was not worried about it, but it was nice to know. Just think after sleeping on cots in the jungle for 2 weeks they get to come home to some awesome new beds!

I need to go finish doing some cleaning. I just have so much energy today!

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