Monday, July 17, 2006

to much drama

Well I am so glad that the drama at my house is over! This weekend gave me enough drama to last a life time!

A few days ago we found out that the head gaskets on the truck were blown. Hmm that we be about $600 plus parts to fix it. So the truck is not running right now.

Elle flew in on Thursday and we had fun just hanging out. Then the guy that she came out here to see came up on Friday. ( along with some other friends.... this important ) Things were going good friday night. We were all sitting around drinking and talking and just having a good time. The the guy Elle came to see went to bed.

The rest of just hung out and talked about nothing all night long. This girl named Beth started to not feel good so she went to bed. Rusty and I went to bed right after that.

Saturday morning: I am sitting out back smoking when our friend c.j. comes out back and is looking down. It turns out that he asked Beth to marry him and she said no. Ouch.

Cj leaves and then Jake comes out and we are sitting around bullshitting when Elle walks out in tears. Elle will not tell me what is wrong, so I ask her if this is a starbucks moment.

Off to starbucks we go. Elle tells me that the guy she came to see left because she confessed to sleeping with another marine the night before while he slept. What do you say to that?

I just held her hand and told her that I loved her and that we were here for her.

I get home to find out that Beth is sick and running a high fever. Ok time to break out the medicine and wipe her down with cool rags.

By Sunday Beth was fine, and Elle is feeling a little bit better.

On Sunday Tony and I jumped on his bike to go do some running around. Well on the way home I asked Tony what the law was about wearing clothing while riding. He did not know so I took my shirt off . I did have a bra on. We got some looks, but it was just so hot that I could not stand it any more.

Then on Sunday night we had a bad storm come in and the dogs were up all night crying because they were scared.

By Sunday night I had dealt with 3 broken hearts, and a sick person.

Today is Monday and I hoping for a nice quiet day. I would like to get some cleaning and sewing done. I so do not want anymore DRAMA!



rtgilmore34 said...

You are such a daring PHENOMENAL woman!!!!  I celebrate YOU!!!  You would be right at home on the beach in Rio!!  Hey Girl, that is so sad about Elle.  Did that guy f*ck the other chick right in your house while they were pretending to be asleep?  If so, VERY TACKY!!!  I hope Elle did not PAY for a plane ticket from Alaska to California on the off chance that she and this guy MIGHT get together?  C.J. should have known that Beth wasn't ready to marry him.  Maybe he didn't.  Did she have valid reasons?  I hope everything works out for them.  It is hotter than a mo-fo up here today too.  I think it was about 107.  Who knows.  I like the heat!  I am so brown, it aint' funny.  I'm a water baby.  Keep me posted on the drama, mama!
Love ya's!!

rtgilmore34 said...

I just looked at the pics you posted.  Elle's hair got so long.  She is so beautiful.  Tell her that asshole doesn't even deserve her!