Wednesday, July 12, 2006

what got into me?

I got up this morning and just hit the ground running!

I got all of the cars washed, and even Kevins truck!

Then I ran to wal crap to get some matters covers for the girls beds. While I was there I found this carpet cleaner that was suppose to help release pet hair from the carpet. So, what the hell I bought it.

I still have not gotten the girls bed made yet. I went into Ambers room to start on her bed and then realized that her sheets were dirty. So I had to wash them.

This carpet cleaner that I tried worked super. I liked this stuff so much that I even moved the furniture in the living room!

I even cleaned mine and Rusty's room! LOL I am not sure what got into me, but I have just kicked ass on house cleaning today.

Elle comes in tomorrow. I cannot wait to see her! I am so happy that she is thinking about moving back to California, however I do not want her to move until I go to Alaska!

Maybe if Elle is driving back from Alaska, I will join her. I think it would be fun to drive from Alaska to California.

Oh I almost forgot, I even gave the dogs a bath today!

What are the girls doing in Nicaragua? The girls ( the entire youth group) is there working with some missionaries. They will doing everything from teaching a Bible class to digging ditches. They will be doing whatever the missionaries need done!

Well, I need to go make Ambers bed so Elle has some place to sleep when she gets here tomorrow.


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