Sunday, July 23, 2006



Where I live in California there are few things that never change. One thing that never changes is that the summers are very hot and dry.

Now that I have said that we have gotten some freak storms! Last night it rained so hard that the rain was going sideways, and we lost power! Today is starting with some thunder, so I am not sure if we are getting more rain today or not.

Yesterday I managed to get to get a quilt done, and I am going to try to get another one done today.....if we don't lose power.

The children were kind enough to spill corn all over the fridge and leave it for me to clean up, so I need to do that today.

I talked to my mother the other day and she told me that me has stopped eating and is now on his oxygen full time.

oh my gosh we just had an earth quake!

Back to my dad, so he is not doing that good. I am a little sad, but not angry. I need to be strong for the children and not let them see my sadness.

I finally got to talk to Amber about her trip. She had a blast and she said that she would do it again in a heart beat! Amber also said that she ate so much rice and beans that she will never eat them again!

I need to get busy with starting my day. o.k. maybe after one more cup of coffee and another smoke!


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