Tuesday, July 4, 2006

4th of July

Happy fourth of July everyone! Today we are going to have about 20 people over. We are going to burn some meat on the grill, make smores and just hang out with good friend's!

All of the single marines are still here and I am happy that they have stayed. I just love to make new friends.

Tomorrow is Beth's birthday so I suggested to her boyfriend that he go buy her a birthday cake. So Rusty is out taking him to buy a cake and some fire works.

I finally got an e mail from Kevin, and he is still doing good. Kevin said that he would rather be here with us instead of Iraq. Go figure.

The girls leave in two day's and I think we have everything ready to go. Tomorrow we are going to "stage all of the gear and get it packed" That is how Rusty put it. I swear once a marine always a marine is a very true statement.

I need to get moving so I can get ready for the rest of our friends to show up.


rtgilmore34 said...

You are the best hostess I have ever known.  Happy Independence Day, my good friend.
Love ya's!

jules19642001 said...

hope you had a good independance day..........Jules xx