Sunday, July 9, 2006


I got the material for the marines quilts. But while I was out I thought I should make them some service flags to send home to their mom's. So I bought the stuff for that.

I spent today working on the flags. So far this year I have made six flags, and now I am working on two extras to just give away to people I don't know.

I finally got off my fanny today and got some cleaning done. Ick! I so hate cleaning!

I have been tracking the weather in Nicaragua. It was not to bad today. It was only 85 with 95 % humidity! I so wish I could be a fly on the wall and see how the girls are holding up.

I found out last night that we are not going to Oregon after all. Tony could not get leave and since he is the one that was going to get us the cabin.....

I am wondering since we are going on vacation if I can now redo the bathroom, but I am scared to ask. I don't know what Rusty is scared of. For some reason he does not "want" to do the bathroom.

I wonder what would happen if a sledge hammer fell into fall several times? HMMMM I will have to think about that one! LOL

We all went down to the lake today and it felt so good to just chill out floating in the lake.

Well I am going to go watch so t.v. and then head off to bed.


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rtgilmore34 said...

That sucks that Oregon is out!!!