Thursday, July 27, 2006

yesterday was long


So, a few days ago I asked Rusty to fix the radio in my car. Not only did my c.d. player not work, but my satellite radio also does not work! Rust went out to the car and told me that everything worked just fine!

So I got in the car yesterday and still no tunes!

I was getting ready to head over the mountain when I noticed a hitch hicker. Yes, that is right I picked up another hitch hicker! This good was interesting to talk to. He has been clean for a few years now and was on his way to see his parole officer. He use to deal drugs.

So I drop this kid off and finish heading to San Diego. There was no traffic so I got to San Diego an hour and 1/2 before C.J. was suppose to arrive.

I went to the marine corp recuit depot to walk around. The marine at the gate is looking at me real funny. HMMMm could it be because I have no base sticker, or the fact that I am missing a  plate for the car? I was just hoping that he was not going to ask to see all of the paper work for the car. Which I left on the counter, at home!

So I just smiled, and said that I was coming down to pick up a friend and that I was early. I asked where everything was on base and did my best to distract the young. I guess having on a low cut shirt helped!

I found so really nice stuff at the exchange. I think the depot has the nicest exchange ever! So I call Rusty and told him about some of the stuff that I found and I hinted that they would make awesome Christmas gifts. Rusty told me that he would let me buy all the stuff that I saw if I would let him buy an m1 gerand! Wait one second here, this new gun that Rusty wants cost $500 and the stuff I want adds up to maybe $200, so I am not liking this deal. So Rusty agreed to give $500 to go blow on what ever I wanted! I am still thinking about the whole think.

I still had some time so I went over to the museum. I walked in and noticed this foul smell. Well it was recruit day at the museum. So there were so many nasty smelling marines crammed into small rooms. I do not know when the last time these recruits showered but I do know they stunk.

The recruits just kept looking at me. OH that's right they have not seen a female in 3 months! So I asked one of the workers if I could walk through the musuem. He said sure you can and started walking with me. Then he said "make a hole" all of the recruits just moved aside and let me pass. I thought that was kinda cool. I was so thinking about saying "make a hole" every time I saw A group of these recruits just to see if they move for me. But I was nice and just walked around them.

It was finally time to go get C.J. Well he was late, by almost an hour! I circled the airport a million times before a cop pulled me over. He did want to know why I only had one plate and why the tag was expired on the car. Great now I have to act like a dumb women. So I start pulling out what paper work I do have. I just kept saying " Officer I am not sure if this is right stuff. My husband said that he was going to take of all of this." it actually worked. He told me to have a nice day and I got to circle the airport for a while longer. I guess sometimes it is o.k. to play the dumb women.

I got C.J. and then we went to Ray's place and I got all of his critters.

Man by the time I got home last night I was so ready for bed. However for some reason I am up way to early. But at least I have a nice quiet house.


zoepaul6968 said...

lol@u wearing a low cut shirt,men are so shallow lol,im glad you had a good time,go on take the $500 and have a great spend up hun all the best xxzoexx

goodwilltramp said...

Ahh Kelli, that's my girl,  do what you gotta do to get the job done.   Boobs are the most powerful tool on earth.