Thursday, July 13, 2006

I learned a new word!

My new word is Ulu ( pronounced oo-loo) It an Alaskan "knife" well I have never heard of it until today when Elle gave us one! She is so sweet!

We just went down to the lake and hung out today. Elle so loved just sitting in the sun! LOL

Today the girls are in a place called corn island. I looked at some pictures of this place and it looks awesome! Man I wish I was laying on those beaches! LOL

Well I need to go get the house cleaned up and I still need to make the bed for Elle, so I better get moving.

Below is a link for corn island and a picture of an Ulu!

Inupiat Style Ulu Knives

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rtgilmore34 said...

I used to have a friend in 2nd grade called LuLu!!!  Hahahahaha!!  I saved the Corn Island link to my favorites.  What an awesome place.  I love the tropical places.  If it's so beautiful down south of the border, we should all move down there.