Friday, September 2, 2005

watch your t.v.

So Amber calls me and asked if she could buy a ticket to the football game because Dateline is going to be there! Ambers school is going to play an all deaf team from Riverside. That is so cool. When I find out when it will be I will post it.

I went to big lots today and got Ryan some new leap pads and I put a few up for Christmas. I also got him the costume that he has been wanting. So this ear he will be going as the "scream". Rusty said that I am such a mom.

We are now able to start flusing out Rusty's ear. He says that it feel real strange, but we are hoping that once we get all of that dried blood and wax out that he will be able to hear again.

We also found out today that Rusty's package is at the review board. So we should know soon just what the government is going to do.

One of our friend who is in Italy asked me what I wanted from Italy, so I told him a tall, dark man. He ofered himself instead. So I asked for a funky purse. He asked what funky meant. well....... right now I am using an ammo bag for a saw! It looks really cool. I added some pins to it so now it dos not like something Rusty to use.

Today I am thankful that it is not so hot, and that the gardener comes!


rtgilmore34 said...

Whoa!  Please clarify how you use an ammo bag for a saw.  You place the saw IN the ammo bag  and you use it AS a purse?  How does the Ammo bag and the saw relate to funky purses from Italy.  You totally lost me...  LOL!

kamdghwmw said...

a saw is short for something. Rusty told me but all I heard was blah, blah,blah, ammo bag! LOL If I can use this funky green bag as a purse then I can use anything that is not "normal". After all I am not normal!

brattandputz said...

okay Kelli when do we ever hear what the guys are trully saying to us?? When Matt talks about military stuff all I hear is Blah Blah Blah or he sounds like the teacher on Charlie Brown.. LOL  Tell Elli I said hi and to give her my e-mail or give me hers.. Give our love to the Kids..