Saturday, September 24, 2005

one foot done

Well, I got started on painting the feet on the tub. I have one foot done! I so want to start gutting the bathroom, but I know that there is no way I can right now. I still do not have the sink, the drywall, plumbing for the new tub, or the drywall! I think I found a way to get some tile cheap. My friend Julie has a mold to make tile! So she is going to show me how to pour and file my own file. Rusty thinks that I am crazy, but I think it will be cool. I never would have guessed that I could make my own floor!

Tonight our friend from Italy will be here! I am so looking foward to seeing him. This guy, Tony, and Rusty go way back. When he found out about Rusty's heartattack he called me a couple times a day to check on Rusty. Tony has always been there when we needed a friend. Rusty and I are going to go to San Diego and meet him at the airport. Then we are going to go roam around San Diego and spend the night down there. I am really looking foward to spending the evening with Rusty and Tony.

I got tha material to make Amber her quilt. O.k. actually I only have enough to do the top. I also bought a litle extra to make a matching pillow case. I really hope she likes it!

Not to much else is going on here. I am going to go feed our friends horses and then just hang out here until we go to San Diego.

Today I am thankful that we will be able to spend some time with an old friend.


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abatwingedangel said...

Hi Kelli! :)
Thanks for checking out my journal, sorry it's taken me a while to take a look at yours. I really like it, I'll be back.
Take care, Sarah xx