Sunday, September 18, 2005

lazy weekend

I did as little as any one person could do. Saturday mt friend Julie and I went to some yard sales. I did find some really great deals, so I was very happy about that. Then I just sat around all saturday night. I did let the girls go to the football game over at the high school.

Today all I have done is work. I must say that work did go well, so I have nothing to bitch about there.

Rusty asked me on saturday if I wanted to go to the post for breakfast, I shot back with a no. Someone has screwed me and I just dont have the energy to find who. Now I should explain how I got screwed. Hazel should have ben fird when the third complaint got filed against her, but she is still there. So a couple of things could have happened. 1. doug was wrong when he said that it took three complaints to get a person fired. 2. Rusty did not file the complaint. 3. no one took complaint to the floor. I do not care who dropped the ball, but I will not step foot in that place again until hazel is gone. I also want nothing to do with them since someone asked for the post to help us. Rusty wrote a nasty letter that should have been in the news letter, but it never did make it there. I have very little respect left for the v.f.w.

I talked to mom today and my dad is doing much better. They finally put him on a really old drug and it is working! For almost a year now the docs have been trying all of these fancy drugs, and a basic old drug is working.

I asked my mom to ask my dad if I could borrow his jump suit. I have finally found a friend who will sky dive with me and I think that it would cool to wear the same suit that my dad wore when he jumped. My mother is less then happy to think that I am going to jump out of a perfectly good airplain. I know in my dads heart that he will understand.

Well I am of f to bed!

today I am thankful for the fact that nothing really happened today. A slow day is a good day.


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