Friday, September 16, 2005

a good day

so Rusty went and talked to his vet rep today. not only are we getting 10% back pay for a year we are also going to be getting dependents pay for that same year. It looks like I have made it through another storm.

I had to work tonight and for a thursday night it went very well. I do not mind working, but sometimes dealing with the public is a pain in the butt. One very ummm.., different thing happened tonight. My boss comes back from getting dinner and he is talking to man that I have never seen before. I knew he was not a signiture gather, but that was all I could tell. So he sits down next to me and askes me to show him what I am doing. O.k. no problem. Then he askes me how I came to for John. o.k. told him that. Then I asked him how he knew John. He did not answer me. I asked him what type of work he does and he just smiled at me. I said o.k. let me guess it is like 007.... you will have to shoot me if you tell me. Once again he just smiled. In the mean time my boss is busting someone for fraud. So this guy leaves and I ask John who he was. It turnes out that he is the fraud investigator for the state!

Nikki called me and told that she was going to be late getting home from school. When I asked why, she told me beause there was a fight on the bus, and she was not involved. After talking to another bus driver and Rusty talking to Nikki it seems that this was more then a little fight. The fight was started over race, bus windows were broken and the police were called! All of this on the side if the road. I swear the schools are getting so bad, or are the children just getting meaner?

I sold another quilt today and I have not even made it yet! This is kinda cool. I have my own little quilting biz. going on the side and it has been from word of mouth. One of my friends is also a quilter so I am going to have her show me some new stuff. I have a picture in my mind of the quilt that I want to make for jason and his girlfriend. I told Rusty that it is going to be expensive and very time consuming, but friends deserve special quilts! LOL

I should be going to bed, but I am not sleepy right now, so I am going to go clean up the house for a few, and then go to bed.

Today I am thankful that Nikki was not hurt in the fight.

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