Monday, September 26, 2005

goofing around

I think I am starting to get this graphic thing down. Thanks to people who have helped!

Today is looking like it is going be o.k. Ryan is doing his school work and I have started cleaning up the house.

When Rusty has his heart attack he blew out an ear drum. So the doctors would not bo anything about the blood that came out of his ear because they could not see how much damage was done to the ear. So here we are two months after the heart attack and we are now trying to get all of the wax and the dried blood out of his ear. Nothing was really working and then a friend told me about ear candles or ear cones.

Now if you have never seen or heard about these thing they really work! I am not sure what it is made of, but it a long cone that you light on fire and then put the other end in the ear. The smokes goes down into the ear an it then sucks all of the wax out of the ear. It is really cool! We have been doing this a couple times a week and I am amazed at much wax and dried blood was impacked in the ear.

Enough about setting my husbands head on fire.

well I am off to finish laundry.

I am thankful for the people who are helping figure out this image thing!


sarajanesmiles said...

Hi, thanks for sending me the link to your journal :o)
This entry is fascinating, though lol at you setting your husbands head on fire!!
My hubby had surgery on his ear as a child, and as a result that ear often gets blocked up.  We will have to try this too.
I'm liking your journal :o)
Sara   x

rtgilmore34 said...

Hey Kelli!  I about fell on the floor when you mentioned settin' ya man's head on fire!!!  You crazy broad!!  If it works, stick with it.   Don't you love it when little boys come home from school and DO their school work?  That's a blessing.  I have to start a journal.  You all are having too much fun, I feel like just a peeping Tom reading everyone else's!  LOL