Wednesday, September 7, 2005

a calm day

Today was so quiet! I helped Ryan with his school work, cleaned up the house and changed the hampsters cage. I also got a quilt done. I am in shock that nothing has really happened today!

I think all of the cats are going to turn on me. When I took the hampsters out of their cage all of the cats came to watch. Then I took the hampsters and Rascle out side. Boy were the cats pissed! They have been wanting to go outside and I wont let them. I just know that they are going to turn on me one night while I am sleeping.

Rusty called the v.a. to find out what the hell is going on with his claim. The said that there has been a ruling, but the person he spoke with did not know what it was. So now Rusty is going to call tha d.a.v. in the morning and they should know.

So I have two quilts that are ready for sale. I hope they sell. I would not mind making a little extra money. After all Christmass is right around the corner. It is hard for me to sew for someone that I dont know. So I just hope that someone likes them.

I am saving all of my scraps and making some pet quilts. I am going to take them to the animal shelter. I am sure the dog and cats will love them, after all I can't get our pets off the quilts!

I have to go check out the Dr, Phil web page. I can't find him on any of the channels. I am going through Dr. Phil withdraws!

I am off to work on some pet quilts.

today I am thankful for a day of nothing happening.

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