Wednesday, September 28, 2005

cleaning up

Last night our water heater sprung a leak. We got that fixed last night but I now need to go get the wet rugs out of the garage and clean up the rest of the mess that we made. This was so not on my list of things that I wanted to do today.

I am just about done with the quilt top for Amber. This blanket is going to be so cute! I am thinking about making a matching pillow case. I just hope that she really likes the quilt.

We will find out on friday if Nikki made the football team. I am so proud of her for going out there and proving to everyone that she can do anything.

I have to go get some more cones today. I am still in shock at how much wax is in the ear. I am just so glad that the cones are pulling it all out. The doc wanted to go into the ear and scrap all of the wax out. OUCH!

I worked on th bench yesterday, but we are not done with it yet. The water heater kinda took all of our attition yesterday.

Rusty ( my husband) told me that his mother called on Sunday. She is going toEngland for Christmas. I did not say anything to Rusty but I was.......I dont know. Rusty has TWO heartattacks and she does not come visit him, but she has the time and money to go visit her other son in England? Whatever. Like I said I dont know how to feel, and Rusty has not really said how he feels. So I am just going to leave it alone.

Anyway, I need to go get the rugs up. I am glad that it is windy today, so at least they will dry quickly.

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