Friday, September 9, 2005

settling down for the night

I jsu got in fromwork. I made myself some chi tea and put on mu warm bathrobe! Soon I will be ready to crash.

Work actually went very well today. I did not yell at anyone, or piss anyone off, and I today was payday so that is really good! LOL

My friend Ray called me today. It is so nice to talk to friends. Sometimes life just gts so busy that we dont even think to stop for a momnet and call a friend. I can tell Ray anything because, well I just can. He can relate to problem children, and yet e can laugh about it too.

Rusty is just about back to him old self. It has not been super hot so he has been able to do more during the day. We are still washing his ear out, but so far no more hearing. We have gotten some crap out, but I think there is still more crap to come out.

Amber wants to go to the school dance. Rusty and I still do not trust her, so we are going to ask if one of us can go to the dance with her. We are still all over her, and we will continue to be until she can win some trust back. ray suggested that we scare her by bringing in a drug dog. That wont work because the dog would me!

As I am siting here writing I am bing watched by Mrs. Cleo. All of our critters come and greet me when I get home, and they dont go back to bed until I go! The cats are the worse, but what can I say they know who butters their bread.

I am still on the hunt for more stuff for the bathroom, but so far nothing. I know I will find everything when I stop looking.

Well I am off to get some sleep.

Today I am thankful for having all of my critters.

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