Saturday, September 24, 2005

my child sucks

Well, I was going to roll the dice and leave Amber and Ryan home tonight while we went to San Diego. Amber blew that out of the water. Amber said that she was going down to a friends house, so I told her to be at 7 so we could leave. 7:15 and no Amber. So I sent Ryan down to get her. Well she was not there. I was pissed off that I threw all of her clothes on the front lawn.

She came walking up while I was doing it and asked me what was wrong. I let her have it and then told her to go find a new place to live. Rusty let her back in the house, so I yelled at him.

So I am not going to San Diego. I will not get to see our friend for another few weeks.... if he is here that long. I will not get to go have dinner with Rusty and Tony ( our friend). I will not get to walk through San Diego and see some of the sights. I get nothing but being stuck here with Amber and Ryan.

I wonder if I will ever ba able to have a life. By the time Amber turns 18 Nikki will still have 2 years to go, and unless we can afford a nanny for Ryan we are screwed. I swear to you that I am so sick of missing out on life.

I guess I am going to go sit on the poarch and smoke. Nothing else better to do.

I do hope that Rusty does stay in San Diego and spend time with Tony. They have been friend for so long and  I want that to continue.

Right now I am thankful that they still make smokes.


rtgilmore34 said...

I'm so sorry that you missed your evening in San Diego, Kelli.  I was giddy with excitement for you about tonight after reading your earlier post.  Kids really do suck and they are so selfish.  One can only imagine how cool our parents were before we sucked the joy out of their lives...  Chin up baby, it could be worse, they could be toddlers instead of teenagers, your almost done.  They're almost old enough to move out.  

sarajanesmiles said...

What would we do without our smokes!
My J is only 6, and we are planning another - must be mad!
So, you will have your life back long before I do, if that makes you feel any better ;o)
Sara   x