Friday, September 9, 2005

good day!

Man today was an awesome day! It was so cool here that I actually opened up all the windows. I just hope that it stays cool.

Ryan is really picking up on his math. We started multiplication this week and he seems to get it. I am so happy to see him learning. Now dont get me wrong he has always been able to learn, but the "teachers" did not push him and they just let him fall so far behind.

Sometimes I wish that we could go back in time. I want to smack all the Navy doctor's that said he would never walk, he will ride a bike, he will never be normal! I also wish that I would not have waited so long to find "alternative medicine". Since we have cut out all perscription drugs he has not even had a cold. I sometimes wonder about these so called doctors. I guess thats why they say praticing medicine.

Nikki is at a "fun night" at her school. The middle schools ar not allowed to call them dances, so..... that is why it is called a fun night. Amber also got to go to her dance..... without us. Rusty gave her a watch and set it to his watch and told her to be home no later the 9:30. So we will see if she can be trusted to do this.

Rusty got some good news and bad news from the government today. He has been bumped up to only 70% disabled. However that does not include all of the heart attack paper work. So on Monday he is going to call his vet rep and file yet another claim.

Well I am off to go get Nikki and then sit down to watch the amazing race.

Today I am thankful for the ability to open up all the windows and not have the house turn into a sauna!

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