Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am not touching this!

A few years ago Rusty's dad died. Rusty called his brother in England and they just hung the phone up without saying anything. So o.k. it is the middle of the night there, so Rusty calls back. The same thing happend. Once again rusty calls but this time the line is busy.

So Rusty flies out to help his mom settle everything. Rusty did finally get a hold of his brother only to find out that he could not be bothered to come help Rusty and oh by the way the reason the line was busy is because they did not want to wake the baby up? baby? They were not able to have children. The "baby" is 2! Did they ever think that MAYBE Rick would have liked to have seen his other grandson bfore he died?

So Rusty is very done. He wants nothing to do with his brother and they have not spoken since their dad died. The out of the blue yesterday rusty gets n e mail from his brother, and his brother wants their moms and our phone numbers. I asked Rusty this morning if he had answered the e mail and he said no. He went on to say that he does not know his mothers phone number and our phone number has not changed in 6 years. I am so not touching that.

I have no room to talk. I hate my sister and I will never forgive her and my mother for somethings that they did to me and the girls. Thats another story. I do not know my sisters phone number, how old her daughter is, where they live.....I know nothing and that is fine with me.

Ryan just got all of his 2,s right on multiplication! I am so proud of him.

Well how about some up dates. Elle picked up e4 and I am so proud of her. Elle is doing so well, and I am going to miss her when she moves back to Alaska!

Jason is still getting married, but a little sooner now. His girlfriend is 6 weeks along. He is so happy. I am also happy for them! I want to spoil other peoples children and then give them back!

Matt and Jen are doing good. It seems that they are like us.... an old married couple with nothing going on! LOL But I know that nothing going on is good! I miss both of them and I am just happy that they are finally able to spend sometime together!

Today I made a traditional Irish dish called shepherds pie. Everyone loves that dish, so tonight I actually made everyone happy with what I cooked. I even made a smll one for a gal down the street who loves shepherds pie.

The gal who likes sheperds pie in named Alexis. Wekk this year she is in ffa, and she is going to raise a sheep.So Alexis is trying to come up with good name for this sheep. I told her that she should not name her food. Tonight when I take her pie over to her I am going to tell her that a true traditional shepherds pie is made with lamb, so when she kills her sheep, I will use the lamb to make her another pie.

Today I am thankful that I have learned when to walk away from something that does not involve me.


brattandputz said...

So when did you find out about Jason. And when is he getting married? I am totally shocked, and Matt too!!!! Well i wish them well. I just want to know when it will be our turn to have a kid??? Oh well god nver gives you problems that you can not handle..

kamdghwmw said...

your turn will come. We have some friends back east that have been trying for 10 years!