Wednesday, February 20, 2008

on my soap box

So yesterday a girlfriend calls me and say's "I have six cats that need a home". I said wow six kittens to foster is a lot, but I have bottles and formula, so I guess I could help you out."

Thay was when I learned the truth and for once in my life became speechless. My friend said " No you don't understand. Some breeder dump 6 Bengal cats at our vets office. To top it off 2 of them are pregnant." There was a long silence as I try to get myself together. I finally said " You have 6 grown Bengal? The domesticated bobcat?"

I have always wanted a Bengal, but at $1000 a kitten I could never see that happening. Now right here in front of me are 6 of them free for the taking. I know that I can't bring a full grown Bengal into this house because I think it would try to eat the other animals. Now I am feeling pissed.\

So I told my friend that I would work on finding some homes for these cats. I called the shelter that I volunteer for but they are full. Our own local shelter said that they would put the cats down. Then I contacted some local Bengal rescues. They were are full! I did finally find a rescue in Oregon, so they are thinking about taking them.

I also called my girlfriend Lyn. Lyn knows everyone, so I was hoping that she would know of someone. Lyn called me back several hours later to tell me that she would help me in the search for a new home for these cats. I told Lyn that I will damned that they will not be taken care of.

Lyn called me back a few minutes later and said that she found out who dumped the cats. There was a local breeder who lost their house, so she just dumped them. I was also told that this lady had a snow leopard. Oh I so hope that cat does not show up someone doors step.

I was so pissed off. A breeder dumped these animals. Someone who claims to love animals, someone who use to life that revolved around these cats. Why wasn't she looking for homes for these cats a long time ago? Some breeders just piss me off because they are so irresponsible!

I am off my soap box.

I did manage to get squids blankets done last night. I went and bought the material for Larry's blanket, so I will work on that today. I think I see the sun trying to peak through the clouds, but we are suppose to get rain all week.

Rusty has decided that we are going to go to this informational meeting about graduation. Rusty was looking at all the different packages. Lets see there are invitations to buy, cap and gown to rent, pictures to get ordered, then Amber wants a tassel. Rusty said screw it, Amber will only graduate once so lets splurge. What? Has he lost his mind or is he right? I am thinking that I am going to be a prune by the time my children get done sucking us dry.

On my to do list today is to find these cats a home, work on my quilts, and do a general clean up around the house.




lanurseprn said...

I can't believe some breeder would do that?? OMG that's terrible!
Let me know how you do on finding homes. I could take one of them.

deshelestraci said...

Holy cow!  I used to know a guy who loved Bengals.  He would feed them easy cheese from the container (spray cheese). Odd man.

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I ca'nt believe someone especially a breeder would dump those kittens :( I hope you can keep one of them, Hugs Lisa

springangel235 said...

I hope you get your list completed....sounds like you will be busy....hugs and love,

lv2trnscrb said...

that is so sad about those cats; wish the breeder could face some type of punishment for her dumping crime

my advice about graduation (and remember my son just graduated last year); keep it simple; it all goes by too fast anyway. He got cap/gown/minimal announcements/graduation picture; I didn't order a lot of senior pictures either. It was nice, we have a nice memory of it, but I doubt he will ever do much with his stuff from it other than move it from place to place when he leaves home; whatever you decide, though, you know what's best for you and yours


lifes2odd said...

Oh man, I sure would love to have one of those too. I checked around a bit and found a place -- it's here in Florida though. But, maybe they could help direct you if nothing else. Check it out...

lifes2odd said...

Ah shoot, nevermind on that link. I misread it. I thought it said best rescue but it was best resource, just another breeder ::sigh::

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))I hope you find a good home the vstd.Have a nice night.

rdautumnsage said...

I hope your able to find homes for all the Bengals. Perhaps who ever takes the pregnant females will let you know so you can have one of the kittens. I splurged on my daughter's graduation, thinking it was a once in a lifetime thing, only child deal. It goes by so fast, with almost no fanfare and your left, thinking what the hell just happened....(Hugs) Indigo

helmswondermom said...

I so hope that you can find homes for those cats!  
Our Son is a Senior this year, too, so I know what you mean about all of the expenses!

gehi6 said...

I came down further and found out what these Bengals are, domesticated bobcats!  Hmm.  I knew it would be something like this.  My DIL's mother had this very exotic jungle cat cat but it had been declawed and it was the gentlest cat I ever saw.  No problem there, but I have seen Siamese that could tear you up.  We had some so wild we could not get near the kittens.  Gerry

nelishianatl said...

This breeder ought to be brought up on charges of animal cruelty and neglect.  You have every right to be on your soap box about this.  Please let us know when they get homes and I hope that they are not put down.  That is so unnecessary and it is all the breeder's fault.


lurkynat said...

awwww Kelli
I'm so sorry that the kitties faced such a difficult fate...
I worry about these things too..
Awesome of you to try to help