Thursday, February 7, 2008

about the past

Yesterday Rusty asked me why I was applying for the jobs that I was applying for. I said well what else do you want me to apply for ceo? Rusty said yes. Then he brought up the past.

Lets go back several years.

What seems like a life time ago I met two ladies that had started a charity to help the military here in San Diego. I really believed in what they were doing, so I asked if I could volunteer to help them.

I volunteered for a year. The charity grew and I helped get new programs off the ground, and we were growing very fast.

I would attend dinner's and do all the formal stuff. It was great! People knew me and they knew that they could count on me. I was no longer the gunny's wife, I finally had a name and Rusty was my eye candy.

I watched this charity grow and grew to love everything about it. I loved the people I was working with, and the people I was helping.

Over time I became a paid employee. The money was good, but I can honestly say that I would do it all with out the money because I had.

I was really enjoying my job as director of services for northern San Diego.

Then one day I was asked to go over to my bosses house. I was to pick her up and take her to rehab. I so did not want to do this, but I knew it had to be done.

My bosses husband was being brought home..... he was out on ship. So the following day I went back to my bosses house and I cleaned everything up. I figured her husband would not want to come home and see her booze bottles everywhere.

While I was doing that Rusty went down to get her Husband and give him a ride home.

I got a phone call for another lady that I worked with and she asked me to bring all of my bosses paper work down to San Diego.

While I was gathering everything up I discovered that my boss was embezzling money.

I did not take the paper work to San Diego that day. I took it all home. I made dinner and got the children in bed. I walked up and turned the t.v. off and said " Rusty we need to talk".

Rusty knew something was up by the look on my face. I laid all the paper out in front of him and just started showing him everything.

Now I had to choose. Do I cover it up or do I become a whistle blower?

I chose to become a whistle blower.

Over the next few weeks the fall out from everything was more then I could handle. I was fired, called every name in the book and then they tried to come after me.

I cried the entire two weeks. Rusty finally had to take on my battle.

I lost my job, I lost people that I thought were my friends, but most of all I lost out helping people.

I swore I would never do this again.

My boss ended up getting a divorce and eventually everyone else that was involved got fired. They just wiped the slate clean and started again, and this charity is still going strong.

A year after this fall out I went into the animal shelter and volunteered to be a foster mom for kittens. This really shocked Rusty. I just explained to him that by fostering I am still doing something, but that I far enough way from everything that I will not get hurt.

Yesterday Lyn offered me a job as director for her horse and rare dog rescue. Lyn's husband is having some health issues right now and she can't give the time that is needed. I told Lyn that I would have to think about it. Rusty thinks I should go for it.

I just don't know. For me it would be so much easier just go flip burgers and not be involved and that way I won't get hurt again. I just don't know.

Here is what I do know. I know that I need to get off the computer and get busy. I need to pull something out for dinner, clean the cat boxes, and get two quilts finished! Can you believe that Lyn found the time to do two quilts. I am telling you guys this lady has more time then I do, and I do not know where she gets it.


lisa41076 said...

Awwwwwww Kelli I am so sorry you got hurt at your former job but you did the right thing,  I think you should work with animals, you are so good to them, Hugs Lisa

mumma4evr said...

new reader the cat typing, can I snag it?

hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))But all in all,you did the right thing,I think,if I got it right.I hope everything turns out for the best for you.

lanurseprn said...

You did the right thing!! I know it was hard to survive the fallout. I hope you get a job you can enjoy and feel safe at.

deshelestraci said...

Wow.  That charity story beats all.  Sounds like a big mess.  Be careful but it sounds like a great job (the current one) for you.

julydarby said...

Face your fear. You want to go to Egypt... a job would help so much! I know how it feels to be chewed up and spit out by the world... but I also know that you are older and wiser and stronger and braver and you can do anything you set your heart and mind on. I think this is an answered prayer for you... what a great opportunity!
*sending you courage vibes*

helmswondermom said...

If the job is something you would enjoy doing I think you need to give it a try.  Don't let what happened in the past cheat you out of a great opportunity!

dasajam1 said...

Take the leap!  Get back into it.  Dont let that hold you back from all the good you can do!

momiscool2 said...

I agree - you should go for it!
now if I could over come my fears and do the same thing lol.

lv2trnscrb said...

I'd go for it, the job, but only if it would not ruin your friendship in any way with Lyn. I know you highly value her as a friend and I would think you need that more than that type of a job although I believe you are perfectly capable of doing that and a lot more just fine. That was sad about the charity; more sad that everyone turned on you.


plieck30 said...

You can live with yourself for doing the honest thing. Do what makes you happy. Paula

tsalagiman1 said...

You did the right thing absolutely.  Being honest, ethical, and principled as you are sometimes costs. That's one of the reasons why almost no one is anymore.  You would have carried this around inside you if you hadn't exposed the crooks for what they were, and it would have kept on eating away at you.  Stealing from a charity just takes it to another level for me.  Someone who will steal money intended to help others is lower than the average thief.  I'm sorry it cost you so much, but the cost would have been much higher if you had kept it to yourself - both to you and those who received services.


nelishianatl said...

I have more love and respect for you than ever before.  You chose to do the right thing, which is not always the easy thing.  Keeping that truth inside you would have eaten you alive and maybe cost you everything.  What you went through sounds awful.  I'd be gunshy too about ever going into managerial again.  You have all the talents and capability there. Plus the integrity needed so much today.  
Follow your heart on this one.  Glad Rusty is such a big fan of yours.


rdautumnsage said...

Hon, you have a lot to offer. If you don't continue to offer the best parts of you, the ignorant asses that hurt you to begin with win.....What do they win, submerging a growing compassionate human being and drowning out the best parts of her. We can't control the actions of others, but we can determine our own. You stood up and did what was right....Keep standing proud dear friend. I know I'm proud of you! (Hugs) Indigo

lurkynat said...

Dear Kelli,
an awesome entry! Have a great day!

lurkynat said...

you are such an interesting person with a great life! reads better second time around!