Tuesday, February 26, 2008

physco mom

O.K. Nikki's ex boyfriends mom has crossed a line. Now I have put up this women for almost a year and I am not doing it any more.

Over the weekend she started calling Nikki and running Nikki down. Then she would call back and tell Nikki to never talk to or even look at her son. Nikki spent Saturday night crying. She would not tell any of us why she was crying.

Then Sunday Nikki did not go to church. This women has scared Nikki so much that she does not want to go to church!

Then today Nikki called me from school to tell me that this chick will not stop calling her.

Rusty called this women and told her that she is not allowed to contact Nikki any more. I am going to go have Nikki's phone number changed. I told Nikki that she is to give my phone number out to anyone at church, just in case this physco lady gets a hold of it.

I am done. For almost a year now I have sat by and watched this lady run my daughter down. Nikki would say well mom she is not that bad. OH YES SHE IS!

From now on I am in control. I have started documenting everything. I will go file a police report and if that does not stop her then we will take her to court.

Oh man I just thought of something. If the marines knew about this they would be so pissed. I would hate to think what they do to this lady. Don't mess with their little sister.

Well I have to get off her and go take care of all this crap! This lady has messed with the wrong momma!


glensfork4 said...

Oh yeah.....shouldn't have messed with THE momma.......nope, not ever.

crazy lady...what the hell was she thinking....


plieck30 said...

Oh boy I think this woman messed with the wrong woman's kid. If anyone can fix it you can. Good luck. Like the mothership cat and her kitten. Paula

deshelestraci said...

Get her!

magran42 said...

You go getta...girl....Yep she's messed up now!

lisa41076 said...

OMG Kelli that woman is totally out of line, Can I snag your kitty tag below ?????????? Hugs Lisa

lv2trnscrb said...

poor Nikki!! so glad you are on top of it; definitely document everything and get the police involved; this sounds like a dangerous situation for Nikki! keep us updated


hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYU)))))))))))))))))Nikki shuldnt have to deal with this.I am so glad your going to take care of it and I know you would.

ukgal36 said...

jesus..what the hells is wrong with her?
i would go after her too

helmswondermom said...

Yes, psycho sounds about right.  I think I would go ahead and speak to the county attorney (DA, or whatever you have) and see what your options are.  I would think that what she's doing could be considered stalking or something -- can't think of the word for it right now.  I'm glad you're documenting everything, and I hope she stops -- but if she doesn't, then nail her to the wall!

rdautumnsage said...

Document away hon, you should have enough to at least pursue harashment charges. It's a very small , ugly woman who intimidates a teenager. I don't blame you in the least for being pissed off. I don't think I would of been able to hold my patience half as long....I don't do rude people well (winks)...(Hugs) Indigo