Thursday, February 28, 2008

chunky coffee

\I got up this morning and went straight for the coffee. Oh I have to have my coffee. Coffee is my drug of choice first thing in the morning. We are out of milk and creamer! Oh no! I have to have my coffee. Oh wait I have some powdered milk. I use when I am baking, so I should be able to use it in my coffee. The powdered milk turned into chunks in my coffee, but it does not taste bad, so I am not going to complain. At least I have my coffee.

Yesterday morning I was chatting with a friend that I have not talked to in a while. I was walking around cleaning and chatting on the phone. When we got done I put my phone down and did not think about it again.

I did some more cleaning and I got another baby blanket quilt top done. I was thinking man this is great. My phone is not ringing. I love having the day to myself and it was so quiet!

Then I came up stairs to check my e mail and play some book worm. There is an e mail from Rusty asking me where I was. I e mailed him back and said I am at home. Then Rusty e mails me right back and told me to answer my phone.

Now I am thinking oh crap. Where is my phone. I could not figure out where I left my phone. So I e mailed Rusty back and told him that I could not find my phone. Rusty e mailed me back and told me to go get Ryan from school because Ryan was sick. I e mailed Rusty back and told him that I was leaving.

So in my mind I am thinking of all the back roads that I could take. The only car I had still has expired tags and I forgot to pay one of my tickets, so I do not have a valid license. I have to avoid cops no matter what it takes. If I get pulled over I know that I will be going to jail.

So I get to the school and the "nurse" SIDE NOTE: to be a school nurse all you have to have is cpr and first aid. They are not nurses. I could be a school nurse. Anyway the school nurse tells me that they have been trying to get a hold of me for 2 hours. So I asked why they did not call any of the people on my emergency contact list. I got the deer in the head lights look. I guess she never thought of that?

Then the "nurse" tells me that Ryan has a 104 fever and that he could not come back to school until he has been fever free for 24 hours. Whatever lady. So I took Ryans back pack and told ryan to take off his shirt. When we got into the car I had Ryan take off his shoes and socks. Now I am not a doctor or a nurse, but I have had three children and I know that if someone is running a fever you need to strip them down so the fever can escape.

Anyway, I put all the windows down and drive fast on all the back roads. When we get home I take Ryans temp. It is only 101. So I am going to assume that Ryans fever dropped 3 degrees on a ten minute car ride in 80 degree temps?

I placed some cold towels on him and his "fever" was gone in an hour.

Amber comes home and ask's me where my phone was and why I was not answering it. I told her that I could not find it. I guess Rusty had called Amber and asked her to come home and check on me since I had not answered my phone. That is so cute. Rusty was worried about me.

Amber found my phone. I had turned the ringer off the night before and I forgot to turn it back on!

My ringer is now on and I will make sure to carry it with me today.

Today I have one more baby quilt top to get done. Then I am going to get them put together. I think I am going to put the sewing machine up for a while. I am so sick of sewing. Lately it feels like a chore to sew.

It is suppose to be nice today, so I am hoping to get out side and get some sun on my pale Irish skin. Explain this to me. My dad was full blooded Irish and my mom is Cherokee. So why do I have to get the pale skin? That is not fair.


buggieboo1 said...

hope  Ryan is feeling better soon!


mumma4evr said...

I often shut off my ringer and forget to turn it back on!!!

lanurseprn said...

That's weird about your school nurse. Every one I've heard of needs a 4 year nursing degree. I've worked in ICU for 10 years and I can't be a school nurse because my degree is 2 year.
Hope Ryan feels better. Glad you found the phone!  LOL!

louiseb411 said...

Hope Ryan is better .Have a good day  Louise x

lv2trnscrb said...

sorry, that should read current projects; you can tell I've been typing medical reports all day today


lv2trnscrb said...

the luck of the Irish?? (why you got the fair skin)

hoping Ryan is better today

hoping you get a break from sewing for a bit when you finish your current problems


springangel235 said...

Got to have my coffee too in the AM...first and foremost.  You sound like me if I am out of milk...I get wild...LOL   I hope Ryan is okay and that fever stays down.  So happy Amber found your phone!  
You sure are having a busy day...enjoy the quilt!!
Hugs and love,

lisa41076 said...

Kelli, I sure hope Ryan is feeling better, have a good Friday, glad you got your coffee this morning, Hugs Lisa

helmswondermom said...

I hope Ryan is still doing well.  I am so glad to know that school nurses aren't really nurses.  I was wondering how the one at Eler Beth's former school could be such an idiot and still be the school nurse.  Glad you found your phone.  

loverobin32 said...

Sure hope Ryan is feeling much better!!! Hugggs, Robin

gehi6 said...

This entry about your adventuresome life was pretty funny even though Ryan got a fever.  I have never heard of that way to get a fever down, but I know that baby aspirin would bring it down and as soon as it wears off some fevers would shoot back up even higher, so my theory was that the fever was burning up the germs and was nature's way of getting you better.  I don't know if that is so or not, but if the fever went on too long I would give aspirin so the child could get relief. As for these little phones I don't know how anybody ever keeps track of them!  And that would be the day that Ryan got sick!  Gerry  

lurkynat said...

wow! what a tough day!
I hope you next days are much better!
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Email Monponsett (our lady (cool) sports writer ) if you ro anyone you know wants to play soon!

lurkynat said...

dear Kelli really let Monponsett know!:) her nickname is Smurfette!