Friday, August 1, 2008


Now this is some nice I ooops I mean eye candy! YUM

Amber just walked in and turned down Nickleback! She said I am so sick of you blaring this every morning. Well it is 9:00 so get your ass out of bed! Just to rub it in I started playing icp the mom song. There's nothing like rap music in the morning.

I figured out what more of my problem is. My lack of adult conversation. I have been hoping that my daughters would provide it. I am being unfair to them. I should not expect them to provide me with some adult conversation when they have a life of their own.

We have raised the girls to be independent, so now me wishing they would spend everyday here with me just so I can have someone to talk to is very selfish.

I found out yesterday that Ryan's friend will be moving in less then a month. That would figure. I knew it was to good to last.

However, Ryan's friends old sister came down yesterday. She was telling me that the family she babysits for is in need of a new sitter and for someone to take their daughter to school. I TOLD Amber that she was going to take this girl to school. The mom is willing to pay Amber and it is only 2 miles round trip. I am thinking that is gas money for Amber. Nikki said that she would pick up some of the babysitting hours.

I talked to Rusty for a few minutes last night. I miss him and wish that he would come home.

I know that I should not be complaining about Rusty being gone for a week, but Rusty is not on active duty anymore. I should not have to miss him so much.

Today I got a very strange e mail. Remember that charity that I use to work for? Well one of the chicks that I use to work with me sent me an e mail that said "are you still out there?" I must wonder what she wants. This gal never screwed me over but I will still be guarded whenwe talk. After all she id not help me when I was thrown to the wolves.

I actually have to get dressed today. That sucks. I have to go pay our rent. Amber said that she was going to pay for her half of the smog test, so IF she actually follows through I will have to go with Amber to get her car smogged.

Yesterday I drug a bunch of material out, so today I am going to spend some time cutting, and I might actually get some sewing done. When Rusty gets back with the camera I will take some pictures of the pet quilts that I have done.




lanurseprn said...

I hope you have a good weekend. Sorry you are missing your hubby so much.

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I guess I undertand why my Mom would like to talk to me.LOL.I hope Hubby comes home soon.

lv2trnscrb said...

you and my son would get along so well! he loves ICP (they kind of scare me by the way they look)

I know what you mean about adult conversation

sorry about Ryan's friend moving; I can relate to that as well; my son would get a friend and they or us would move right at the start of summer vacation (this was when he was younger; now he has too many friends and I don't like 90% of them :)

great news, thank you Lord; the kid might actually have a full-time job!!!


nelishianatl said...

Amber.  Sigh.  She will catch up some day I promise.  
Tomorrow is a fabric cutting day for me too.  Now that MIL fixed the sewing machine, I'm going to have pieces of fabric going everywhich way.  I look forward to seeing the pictures.
Even though it's not the same thing at all, when Dirk goes away for even a week of training, I miss him terribly it almost makes me sick.


zoepaul6968 said...

yum yum yum now Im ready for the week lol take care zoe xxxxxxxxxxx